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Announcing A Very Ruby Thanksgiving

We’re very excited that our Heroku colleagues Matz, Nobu and Ko1 will all be visiting from Japan soon to attend RubyConf, and it’s especially serendipitous that it is happening in such close proximity to Thanksgiving. Not only is Thanksgiving one of the few holidays that Japan and the U.S. share, it’s a holiday that brings families together to reflect on what’s been accomplished, and to share insight into the future. We've been waiting for just the right opportunity to organize a small Ruby gathering and Thanksgiving provides the perfect setting.

"I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the world to be productive, to enjoy programming, and to be happy. That is the primary purpose of the Ruby language." - Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto

On November 20, Heroku is proud to host a ‘A Very Ruby Thanksgiving,’ featuring Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby and Heroku's Chief Ruby Architect. Matz will discuss what the future has in store for Ruby in his community address before being joined by Ruby Core members Nobuyoshi "Nobu" Nakada, and Koichi "Ko1" Sasadar for an open fireside chat. The fireside will include a community Q&A and be moderated by Terence Lee, a member of the core Bundler team.

If you’re a Ruby developer in the Bay Area -- or can get here -- we’d love to welcome you to our family and our offices for the evening. Let’s come together, enjoy each other’s company, and look to what lies ahead for Ruby.

Hugs are free, but space is limited. You can register and find more information on the event page.

Originally published: November 10, 2014

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