Announcing A Very Ruby Thanksgiving

We’re very excited that our Heroku colleagues Matz, Nobu and Ko1 will all be visiting from Japan soon to attend RubyConf, and it’s especially serendipitous that it is happening in such close proximity to Thanksgiving. Not only is Thanksgiving one of the few holidays that Japan and the U.S. share, it’s a holiday that brings families together to reflect on what’s been accomplished, and to share insight into the future. We've been waiting for just the right opportunity to organize a small Ruby gathering and Thanksgiving provides the perfect setting.

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Waza 2013: How Ecosystems Build Mastery

When we think of the concept of Waza (技) or "art and technique," it's easy to get caught up in the idea of individual mastery. It's true that works of art are often created by those with great skill, but acquiring that skill is neither solitary nor static. Generations of masters contribute to a canon and it is in that spirit that we built the Heroku platform and the Waza event. This year's Waza was no exception.

On February 28th, more than 900 attendees participated in Waza including Ruby founder Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, Django co-creator Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Codeacademy’s Linda Liukas. True to form, we offered you a platform for experimentation and you surprised us with your contributions.

From your origami creations, to your Arduino hacks, to the technical conversations over craft beer -- you taught us that the definition of software development is ever-evolving. Thank you for allowing us to help you change lives and push boundaries. We will continue our commitment to growing the platform for you and look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

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Heroku at RailsConf in Baltimore

Baltimore, Here We Come!

Next week is RailsConf in Baltimore, and Heroku is coming out in force. There will be about a dozen of us attending sessions, manning our booth, and chatting with Rubyists, so definitely keep an eye out for us!

To make it a bit easier, here’s a quick summary of when and where we’ll be:

Monday, May 16th

  • At 6pm, Ben Scofield will be part of the second annual Ignite RailsConf. He’s giving a five-minute talk on How To Be Awesome (From a Counter-Example).

Tuesday, May 17th

  • The Expo Hall opens up Tuesday morning, so you’ll be able to visit the Heroku booth to find us, talk about deployment, and grab some swag. We’ll be around from 10-11:15, 12:35-2:15, and 3:25-4:55 (basically, whenever the Hall is open). We’ll also be giving mini-talks during each session – on RabbitMQ, Procfile and Foreman, database tracking and forking, and more.
  • The Add-ons team will be available all day to meet with add-on providers — both current and prospective. If you’ve been thinking about joining the Provider Program, be sure to grab one of their easily-identifiable green shirts and have a chat.

Wednesday, May 18th

Thursday, May 19th

  • The Expo Hall is closed on Thursday, but we’ll still be around — just look for us in sessions and in the halls, and we’ll be happy to chat.

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