A word of caution from a former AP Computer Science teacher who, with zero real-world programming experience, quit her dependable teaching gig to become a software engineer: Imposter Syndrome is never late to class.

When we grow competent in our craft, yet continue to feel unqualified for our role, that feeling is known as "Imposter Syndrome." The syndrome was with me before I started, it’s here with me now, and it will probably be with me for a long time to come.

If you’ve experienced it too, then reading that last sentence may leave you feeling pessimistic, grim even — as if we anticipate a future where we never feel completely worthy of our position in life. But to that, I...

Meditation, like the foundations of software, is built on top of a binary state: an inhale and an exhale, a breath in and a breath out, a one and a zero. We often believe that to engage in meditation, we need to place ourselves in a room of absolute silence, to dress in comfortable linens, and to be utterly still and alone. But this image could not be further from the truth! To meditate is to foster mindfulness, and presence is an activity that can be performed anywhere, and with others—even at work.

Learning how to be mindful amongst others

The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute—or SIYLI—is a globally recognized nonprofit that works towards making the development of leadership...

As CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner had a policy that any employee could come to his office and pitch an idea. He believed that breaking down hierarchical barriers allowed innovative ideas to come from anywhere, and it worked. Disney invested in many of those pitches, some of which became the kernels for films like The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas. Research grants engineer

At Heroku, we know our employees are full of innovative ideas waiting for investment. That’s why any engineer can propose a project through a process we call Research Grants. If the proposal is funded, that engineer gets about two weeks to experiment with their idea and create a work product that can lead to innovative new technologies or even...

An illustration of metrics and a graph in the shape of a heart

Today, many people with diabetes are choosing to manage their condition using devices called continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Not only do they replace the need for most finger prick testing, but they also provide a stream of data round the clock. However, like all data, it’s only as useful as the tools that analyze it.

That’s where Sugarmate comes in. Created by serial entrepreneur Josh Juster to help manage his own condition, Sugarmate combines a Heroku back-end with web, mobile, and smartspeaker apps to provide life-changing alerts and analysis for people living with diabetes.

Alexa, what’s my blood sugar level?

For 26 years, Josh has himself been living with type 1 diabetes, and...

As part of my MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, I enrolled in a Leadership development certificate program. I was given the opportunity to work with an amazing Leadership Coach, (Laura Maxwell). Laura helped me on my journey of "overcoming my fear of failure". As part of the program, I was able to share my story with the dean, professors, and the leadership development center at CMU. Since this is a rather common experience, I wanted to share my story with all of you as well.

This story starts, as many do, in childhood. Growing up in India, there has always been the expectation that everyone gets good scores in tests and succeeds in any initiative they take part in. This...

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