Heroku Joins CNCF as a Platinum Member

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Heroku is joining the CNCF at the platinum level, upgrading the long-held CNCF Salesforce membership. This marks my third time serving on the CNCF board for different companies, and I’m excited to participate again. Joining the CNCF at the Platinum level signifies a major commitment, reflecting Heroku’s dedication to the evolving landscape.

My three board stints aligns with significant shifts in the cloud-native landscape. Two are behind us, one is happening now, and it’s the current one that motivated us to join now. Quick preview: It’s not the AI shift going on right now - the substrate underlying AI/ML shifted to Kubernetes a while ago.

As to why we are joining and why now, let’s take...

Heroku Connect makes it easy to sync data at scale between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres. You can build Heroku apps that bidirectionally share data in your Postgres database with your contacts, accounts, and other custom objects in Salesforce. Easily configured with a point-and-click UI, you can get the integration up and running in minutes without writing code or worrying about API limits. In this post, we introduce our recent improvements to Heroku Connect on how we handle drift and drift detection for our customers.

PensionBee, the U.K.-based company, is on a mission to make pensions simple and engaging by building a digital-first pension service on Heroku. PensionBee’s...

We’re thrilled to launch our new Heroku Postgres Essential database plans. These plans have pgvector support, no row count limits, and come with a 32 GB option. We deliver exceptional transactional query performance with Amazon Aurora as the backing infrastructure. One of our beta customers said:

“The difference was noticeable right from the start. Heroku Postgres running on Aurora delivered a boost in speed, allowing us to query and process our data faster.”

Our Heroku Postgres Essential plans are the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to integrate a SQL database with your Heroku application. You can use these fully managed databases for a wide range of applications, such as...

Today, we’re announcing the integration of the Heroku CLI with Amazon Q Developer. This integration, a result of our expanded Salesforce/AWS partnership, enables Amazon Q Developer command line suggestions of Heroku commands. This integration empowers Heroku users to auto-complete commands, thereby saving time and eliminating error-prone manual configurations of apps.

Developers configure and manage their applications through a command line interface (CLI), especially during development when working within their integrated development environment (IDE). Heroku apps can be deployed in many different ways, and all that flexibility can be controlled through the CLI. This results in thousands...

Introducing the Heroku Postgres Connector for Salesforce Data Cloud

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Heroku Postgres is one of the world's largest managed data stores. Our customers rely on Heroku Postgres to store valuable data, which powers a range of experiences and services they build on Heroku. Salesforce Data Cloud integrates all your company's data into the Einstein 1 Platform, creating a comprehensive customer view for personalized engagements, analytics, and AI.

When businesses bring data from Heroku Postgres into Salesforce Data Cloud to create unified customer profiles, they can deliver highly personalized user experiences and give them a competitive advantage.

Today, we‘re excited to announce the launch of the Heroku Postgres Connector, now part of the Salesforce...

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