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Today at AWS re:Invent, we’re excited to announce that Heroku is available for purchase in AWS Marketplace through the Private Offers program. Buying Heroku in AWS Marketplace gives you consolidated billing and seamless provisioning. There’s also more opportunity for Heroku and AWS to work with you to find the best mix of products for your apps and workloads.

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If you’re a U.S. AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) customer, starting today, you can buy Dynos, Private Spaces, Heroku Postgres, Heroku Data for Redis, Apache Kafka on Heroku, and Heroku Connect through AWS Marketplace Private Offers. Get in touch with a Heroku sales representative and let them know you’re interested in buying...

Introducing pgvector for Heroku Postgres

Over the past few weeks, we worked on adding pgvector as an extension on Heroku Postgres. We're excited to release this feature, and based on the feedback on our public roadmap, many of you are too. We want to share a bit more about how you can use it and how it may be helpful to you.

All Standard-tier or higher databases running Postgres 15 now support the pgvector extension. You can get started by running CREATE EXTENSION vector; in a client session. Postgres 15 has been the default version on Heroku Postgres since March 2023. If you're on an older version and want to use pgvector, upgrade to Postgres 15.

The extension adds the vector...

Last month, Heroku announced the beta release of Router 2.0, the new Common Runtime router!

As part of our commitment to infrastructure modernization, Heroku is making upgrades to the Common Runtime routing layer. The beta release of Router 2.0 is an important step along this journey. We’re excited to give you an inside look at all we’ve been doing to get here.

In both the Common Runtime and Private Spaces, the Heroku router is responsible for serving requests to customers’ web dynos. In 2024, Router 2.0 will replace the existing Common Runtime router. We’re being transparent about this project so that you, our customers, are motivated to try out Router 2.0 now, while it’s in beta. As...

We’re pleased to introduce the pgvector extension on Heroku Postgres. In an era where large language models (LLMs) and AI applications are paramount, pgvector provides the essential capability for performing high-dimensional vector similarity searches. This allows Heroku Postgres to quickly find similar data points in complex data, which is great for applications like recommendation systems and prompt engineering for LLMs. As of today, pgvector is fully compatible with all Production-tier databases running Postgres 15 at no additional charge and you can get started with a simple CREATE EXTENSION vector; command in your client session. In this post, we look at how you can use pgvector and...

At Heroku, we’re on a mission to continuously improve our products and services to provide the best possible customer experience. Feedback is at the heart of our innovation, and we’re excited to highlight the Heroku User Research Program. Through this initiative, our customers provide feedback, test new features, and share their insights directly with our product teams.

Your Participation Matters

Since we introduced this program in April 2023, we’ve made significant strides to enhance our product offerings and engage more effectively with you. Here’s a glimpse of the impact we’ve achieved together in just six months:

  • 60+ in-depth interviews with unique customers
  • Three large-scale UX...

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