This month, we’re expanding the Heroku platform with a limited release of our Private Spaces product in two new regions, India (Mumbai) and Canada (Montreal), enabling customers to maintain even greater control over where data is stored and processed. These two new regions will fully support Heroku Private Spaces, Heroku Shield Private Spaces, Heroku Postgres, Apache Kafka on Heroku, Heroku Data for Redis, Heroku Connect, and most Heroku Add-ons.

Private Spaces provide a dedicated and virtual network environment for running Heroku applications. They are now supported in the following regions, with new regions highlighted in bold below:

name location
dublin Dublin, Ireland

In this post, we’d like to share an example of the kind of behind-the-scenes work that the Heroku team does to continuously improve the platform based on customer feedback.

The Heroku Common Runtime is one of the best parts of Heroku. It’s the modern embodiment of the principle of computing resource time-sharing pioneered by John McCarthy and later by UNIX, which evolved into the underpinnings of much of modern-day cloud computing. Because Common Runtime resources are safely shared between customers, we can offer dynos very efficiently, participate in the GitHub Student Program, and run the Heroku Open Source Credit Program.

We previously allowed individual dynos to burst their CPU use...

Announcing PostgreSQL 15 on Heroku

news , Principal Customer Solutions Architect

We are excited to announce that Postgres version 15 is now generally available! The developers of Postgres release a new version around October every year, and we aim to release it on Heroku Postgres each Q1. Additionally, we track Postgres end-of-life dates to ensure that our service and our customers are always on the latest supported releases.

If you are new to Heroku, great! Your new database defaults to Postgres 15. If you already have a Heroku Postgres database on an older version, we make the upgrade process simple. And if you are still on one of the deprecated versions, such as 9.6 and 10, we urge you to upgrade off of them as soon as possible. We strongly recommend using the...

Heroku Feedback and News - Q1 Edition

news , Heroku CEO and Salesforce EVP

We have a saying around the Heroku team thanks to our awesome engineering leader Gail Frederick. She reminds us of this often: “Feedback is a gift”. These are words we try to live by both internally and with our customers.

Feedback: What is Heroku investing in? What has shipped?

We had a very busy 2022! We just published the product retrospective for last year here.

You’ve given us really positive feedback on the openness of our public roadmap, and many customers have told us they love it. Our top voted ideas around more fine grained security features, GitHub integration and larger compute and data plans are now integral to our roadmap planning. We will continue to use and refine this....

Heroku 2022 Roundup

news , Product Mgmt at Heroku

2022 was a transformational year for Heroku. In this post, we share how we’ve been enriching the Heroku developer experience in 2022, especially since committing to Heroku’s Next Chapter. We are dedicated to supporting our customers of all sizes who continue to invest and build their projects, careers, and businesses on Heroku.

Public Roadmap

As part of our commitment to increase transparency, the Heroku roadmap went live on GitHub in August 2022. The public roadmap has grown with the participation of many of our customers. Thank you for engaging with us about the future of Heroku. We want to hear from you! Today, we have approximately 70 active roadmap cards, most of which have an...

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