Ethos Solutions and Heroku: Building the Internet of GRILLED Things

At Heroku, we love telling the stories of what our customers and partners build on the platform. We love it even more when we get a chance to talk to the development team behind a successful app. So we were excited to sit down with Steve Simpson, CTO of Ethos Solutions—a Heroku partner—to discuss how his team built the award-winning app and intelligence behind the Lynx SmartGrill.

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Ship Code Faster: Announcing GitHub Integration GA

Today we’re announcing the general availability of GitHub integration for Heroku. When enabled, GitHub pushes are deployed immediately to linked Heroku apps. This is a big step forward for people working on apps with source managed on GitHub and deployed to Heroku. The integration has been in beta in Heroku Dashboard for a while, and we’ve seen great adoption and positive feedback.

When a GitHub repo is connected to a Heroku app, you can either manually deploy branches from the repo, or you can configure a particular branch to auto-deploy to the app on every GitHub push. With auto-deploys enabled, you no longer have to maintain a separate heroku Git remote: Simply push to GitHub and changes are automatically deployed on Heroku.

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Expanding the Power of Add-ons

In a world where microservices continue to grow, offering better agility for iterating quickly, many of the tools you use in building applications must adapt. Microservices bring together challenges in a variety of ways for the services you consume – logging and monitoring tools now need a broader perspective than that of a single app, data services may be shared either for reporting or direct access to data.

Heroku has been on the forefront of creating a developer tools add-ons ecosystem that lets you focus on building your app by grabbing the service you need off the shelf. Today, the Heroku platform is becoming even more powerful with add-on sharing – a new feature for composing applications that allows multiple apps to share add-ons and add-ons to bridge multiple apps. This new iteration of our add-ons API provides several key improvements, making working with the add-ons you already know and love even better. These include:

  • Share your add-ons: Ability to attach your add-ons across multiple apps owned by the same account
  • Have multiple add-on instances on your app: Ability to have multiple add-ons from a single provider on an app
  • Improve add-on visibility: Create unique names for your add-ons, making it easier to share and communicate to your team about your add-ons.
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Why Microservices Matter

All successful applications grow more complex over time, and that complexity creates challenges in development. There are two essential strategies to manage this problem: a team can keep everything together (create a monolith) or a team can divide a project into smaller pieces (create microservices).

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Share your Heroku Postgres data with the new Dataclips

The most successful teams use their data to make the best decisions. We built Dataclips to allow your team to better share, reason about, and ask questions of the data you keep in Heroku Postgres. Heroku Dataclips are a lightweight data sharing tool that lets you take advantage of your organization’s most valuable asset.

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