Eco and Mini Plans Now Generally Available

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In September, we announced our new low-cost Eco dynos plan and Mini plans for Heroku Postgres and Heroku Data for Redis. The time has come! These plans are available today for new and existing applications.

For customers paying by credit or debit card, the Eco dynos and Mini data plans are free until November 30th, 2022. While our free dyno and data plans will no longer be available starting November 28th, 2022, you can upgrade to our new plans early, without extra cost. You begin accruing charges for these plans on December 1st, 2022.

To make the upgrade from free to paid plans easier, we’ve launched a new tool in the Heroku Dashboard. You can quickly see your free resources and choose...

Today, we’re announcing heroku data:labs, an extension of the Heroku Data client plugin. This plugin allows you to make configuration changes to your Heroku Postgres addons. Previously, you could only enable these features by opening a ticket with Heroku Support. With heroku data:labs, you’ll save time by turning these features on and off yourself.

heroku data:labs features are experimental beta features. Upon its release, you can enable and disable two features, and we plan to add more in the future. The initial features are:

  • WAL Compression - Write-Ahead Log (WAL) compression is a feature of Postgres databases that shrinks the size of write-ahead logs in your Postgres database. This...

Heroku is Hiring!

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While it is a little unusual for us to share a hiring post on our product blog, I’ve been asked about our investment in Heroku repeatedly, so we want shine the spotlight on our efforts to grow the team.

We are hiring for both product and engineering, from developers to engineering managers working across our product suite, including Runtime, API, DX, and our Data products. Additionally, we have opened roles in our Research, TPM, Documentation, and Product Management teams. Check out all our open roles.

Our public roadmap continues to evolve, and I am delighted to see significant customer engagement there. Please do come participate with us there in the open. With the introduction of our...

[Update: October 3, 2022 - The Heroku for GitHub Students program is now live. Instructions for signing up for the program have been added to this post.]

One of the things I value about being a Salesforce employee is our commitment to community. We support education through giving, mentoring, and many other programs.

That commitment extends through our work on Heroku. Heroku is a powerful way to enter the Salesforce ecosystem, and we are proud of the number of students who have used the Heroku platform to build their careers.

GitHub Partnership

Today, we are announcing a new partnership with GitHub, which adds Heroku to their Student Developer Pack and gives students a credit of $13 USD...

Introducing Our New Low-Cost Plans

news , VP, Product Management

Update November 7th, 2022: These plans are now generally available. Take a look at our launch announcement post for more information on migration.

When we announced Heroku’s Next Chapter last month, we received a lot of feedback from our customers. One of the things that stood out was interest in a middle ground between free and our current Hobby dyno and data plans, a lower-cost option. We’ve also fielded requests to keep a dyno that “sleeps” when not receiving requests, which is an integral feature for non-production apps.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce our new Eco Dynos plan, which will cost $5 for 1,000 compute hours a month, shared across all of your eco dynos. We are...

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