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It's the Little Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things. A few niceties deployed recently:

  • The code editor UI now has a liquid layout. If you’re a life hacking / GTD type like me, you’ll especially enjoy this in combination with Firefox’s fullscreen mode. (FF for OS X doesn’t have fullscreen, unfortunately; try this instead.)
  • Download files from the context menu. You can use this in conjunction with upload to edit in your local editor, load an image into your photopaint program, etc.
  • Speaking of images, if you click on an image, it will display it in the editor pane.
  • There’s a link to update your account password on the My Apps page. (Shocked this wasn’t there before? We’re in beta, dammit, we’re allowed to slack off on stuff like this.)
  • More bugfixes than you can shake a ticket-tracker at.

Originally published: December 12, 2007

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