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Heroku API Update

The Heroku API gets a major update today; you can now view and manage all of your application’s settings straight from the command line. New in this version:

  • Manage sharing (add/remove/list collaborators)
  • Manage multiple ssh keys for your user (add/remove/list keys)
  • Update settings (public true/false, mode production/development)
  • Rename an app
  • Run rake tasks remotely

A taste of the new command-line goodness:

adam@kvasir:~$ heroku create gagetron
Created http://gagetron.heroku.com/ | git@heroku.com:gagetron.git
adam@kvasir:~$ heroku info gagetron
=== gagetron
Web URL:        http://gagetron.heroku.com/
Git Repo:       git@heroku.com:gagetron.git
Mode:           development
Public:         false
Collaborators:  adam@example.com (edit)
adam@kvasir:~$ heroku sharing gagetron --add joe@example.com
joe@example.com added as a view-only collaborator on gagetron.
adam@kvasir:~$ heroku rake gagetron routes
(in /mnt/home/userapps/27934)

We’ve also updated the screencasts which show how to use the API and Git to edit locally, then deploy to Heroku.

Grab the new gem from Rubyforge with gem install heroku, read the docs, or browse the source.

Originally published: September 03, 2008

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