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Heroku CI and Heroku Teams Now Free for Card Paying Customers

We've just introduced three new changes to our pricing at Heroku, all designed to provide extra value to our customers and make cost estimation easier. These changes will kick in from September 1, 2023 onward:

  1. Your account will no longer be charged the $10 monthly fee for Heroku CI.
  2. Your account will no longer be charged the $10 monthly fee for Heroku Teams with over five members.
  3. We've improved our pricing page to include hourly expenses alongside the maximum monthly costs.

Why is the Heroku pricing page changing? The Heroku team is simplifying pricing for clarity and a better customer experience.

What about Heroku Enterprise customers? Heroku CI has always been included, and the creation and maintenance of teams with fewer than 25 members has always been — and remains — free for Heroku Enterprise customers.

Scale App Testing and Delivery with Heroku CI Pipelines

Heroku CI integrates with any Heroku Pipeline effortlessly, executing your app's test suite automatically with each push to the linked GitHub repository. Enabling this feature is simple: just activate it within the Settings tab of your pipeline.

Starting September 1, 2023 we will no longer charge the $10 monthly fee for Heroku CI Pipelines for card paying customers. But remember, even though we're removing the cost for Heroku CI pipelines, you'll still see charges for any dyno and add-on use during the test run – which is still charged on a prorated basis, down to the second.

Heroku integrated CI/CD options

Invite Your Entire Team — No Additional Fee

Here at Heroku, we've been providing free access to teams with up to five members all along. Starting September 1, 2023 we're taking it a step further by waving goodbye to the $10 monthly fee that card paying customers had for bigger teams. Now, within your Heroku account, you can create up to five teams, each accommodating a maximum of 25 members. If you need more teams, or you need to manage access to teams, you can always consider upgrading to a Heroku Enterprise plan. It's all about giving you more flexibility and options to partner with developers and make magic happen on Heroku.

Heroku options for team collaboration

Improved Cost Transparency

The Heroku community has given us valuable feedback about our pricing on our public roadmap, and we're happy to close out the roadmap item for these changes. To clear up any confusion about our hourly rates, we've made updates to our pricing pages and the Heroku CLI. Now, we not only display the maximum monthly charge, but also the cost per hour, prorated to the second. The only exception is our Eco Dynos, which give you 1,000 dyno hours for a flat fee of $5/month.

Example of the new Heroku Dyno pricing format

Heroku Listens to Customer Feedback

We continue to invest in Heroku to bring more value to our customers. We’ve expanded Private Spaces to Montreal and Mumbai (with plans to make London and Singapore available starting August 31, 2023) and re-enabled card payments in India. In addition to our pricing transparency above, we have also recently introduced new Heroku Postgres plans. Customer satisfaction continues to be a top priority for Heroku, and we look forward to continuing to deliver new features and functionality moving forward.

Originally published: August 24, 2023

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