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Heroku Private Spaces Expand to Mumbai and Montreal

This month, we’re expanding the Heroku platform with a limited release of our Private Spaces product in two new regions, India (Mumbai) and Canada (Montreal), enabling customers to maintain even greater control over where data is stored and processed. These two new regions will fully support Heroku Private Spaces, Heroku Shield Private Spaces, Heroku Postgres, Apache Kafka on Heroku, Heroku Data for Redis, Heroku Connect, and most Heroku Add-ons.

Private Spaces provide a dedicated and virtual network environment for running Heroku applications. They are now supported in the following regions, with new regions highlighted in bold below:

name location
dublin Dublin, Ireland
frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany
oregon Oregon, United States
sydney Sydney, Australia
tokyo Tokyo, Japan
virginia Virginia, United States
mumbai Mumbai, India
montreal Montreal, Canada

We plan to make these two new regions generally available to all Heroku Enterprise customers later this year. Initially, only customers participating in the Limited Release program (see details below) will be able to create Private Spaces in Mumbai and Montreal.

See below for more details on participating in the limited release, or read the Dev Center article on the limited release. For more details on specifying specific regions when creating a Private Space, please reference the Dev Center article on Heroku Private Spaces.

What's a Limited Release?

A limited release is a controlled introduction of a new product to ensure a smooth and consistent customer experience. To ensure a seamless rollout, Heroku has decided to gradually introduce these two new regions — Mumbai and Montreal — to specific customer cohorts. Private Spaces in these new regions will include the same product features as all the other regions that Heroku supports. Access to the new regions is limited to make sure that we can match demand with available resources in the newer regions and ensure the customer experience is at parity with existing Private Spaces regions.

To provision a Private Space in either Mumbai or Montreal, you must be a current Heroku Private Spaces customer and you must be accepted into the Limited Release program. You can begin the onboarding process by filing a support ticket requesting access. More information about the program can be found in this Dev Center article.

Why is Heroku Expanding Its Platform to New Regions?

Heroku Private Spaces lets you deploy and run apps in network-isolated environments for improved security and resource isolation. With Private Spaces in Mumbai and Montreal, we can now serve more customers who want greater control over where their data is processed and stored.

Another benefit of additional Private Spaces regions is improved performance. By running applications in specific geographic regions, customers can reduce latency and improve the speed and reliability of their applications. This is especially useful for customers with Heroku apps that serve users in different regions, as it allows those apps to provide a better user experience to their customers.

Ultimately, adding these two new regions will enable us to better serve our Indian and Canadian customers.


We are excited to expand Private Spaces to new regions for our customers who are looking for additional control over their data and infrastructure and who want to improve the performance of their applications. We look forward to releasing more features that will continue to expand the Heroku platform and serve more customers. Alongside this change, we are working to unblock Heroku Online India customers by supporting RBI-compliant recurring payments. Also, we are researching new pricing models for Heroku Private Spaces.

If you have any further feedback, feature requests, or suggestions, check out the Heroku public roadmap on GitHub to join the conversation.

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Originally published: May 03, 2023

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