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Introducing New Heroku Postgres Plans

Sometimes your data grows and requires a bigger disk without a need for more compute or memory. Previously, our offerings were a bit too inflexible. We also didn’t want to limit our largest database at 4TB.

We released new Heroku Postgres plans that give you more flexibility when scaling up your database storage needs on Heroku. We heard from our customers that they want to be able to upgrade disk space without adding other resources like vCPU or memory. In response, we created new L and XL plans with increased disk limits for premium , private , and shield tiers at the -6 and -9 levels.

These new plans continue to have the same compute, memory, and IOPS characteristics as other plans on the same level. With these changes, our largest database plan now has a 6TB disk limit instead of 4TB. As long as the workload stays fairly constant, you can upgrade to private-l-9 for 5TB or private-xl-9 for 6TB of disk, for example.

This table summarizes the new offerings as of today. You can always check the latest technical information on our Dev Center page. You can find pricing info in the Elements Marketplace.

Plan Name Provisioning Name vCPU Memory (GB) IOPS Disk (TB) Existing or New
Premium-6 premium-6 16 122 6000 1.5 Existing
Premium-L-6 premium-l-6 16 122 6000 2 New
Premium-XL-6 premium-xl-6 16 122 6000 3 New
Premium-9 premium-9 96 768 16000 4 Existing
Premium-L-9 premium-l-9 96 768 16000 5 New
Premium-XL-9 premium-xl-9 96 768 16000 6 New
Private-6 private-6 16 122 6000 1.5 Existing
Private-L-6 private-l-6 16 122 6000 2 New
Private-XL-6 private-xl-6 16 122 6000 3 New
Private-9 private-9 96 768 16000 4 Existing
Private-L-9 private-l-9 96 768 16000 5 New
Private-XL-9 private-xl-9 96 768 16000 6 New
Shield-6 shield-6 16 122 6000 1.5 Existing
Shield-L-6 shield-l-6 16 122 6000 2 New
Shield-XL-6 shield-xl-6 16 122 6000 3 New
Shield-9 shield-9 96 768 16000 4 Existing
Shield-L-9 shield-l-9 96 768 16000 5 New
Shield-XL-9 shield-xl-9 96 768 16000 6 New

You can provision a database on a new plan with the same command used for existing plans: heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:private-l-6

Or to upgrade an existing database to a new plan: heroku addons:upgrade heroku-postgresql:private-l-9

Why Did We Do This?

We had strong engagement and community support to prioritize this feature on our roadmap. We want to highlight how important our public roadmap is for us and how seriously we take suggestions. You too can create a feature request on the public roadmap GitHub page, so please share what you would like to see on Heroku or what pain points you faced!

Where We Are Headed

Our public roadmap isn’t only the place to share your thoughts, but it’s a great place to see what we’re working on and where we are headed. There are many exciting products and features in development with the Heroku Data team that you may find useful. For example, increasing the connection limits on Postgres, adding additional Private Space regions (and their respective data products), and improving disk performance on lower-level plans (i.e. -0 through -4). In the long run, we aim to provide even more flexibility by offering “grow on demand” elastic data services to match your database needs.

Although we expect some changes to roadmap items as we make progress, you can be assured that we’re actively dedicated to the future of the Heroku platform and its data products.

Disclosure: Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other posts or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Salesforce applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. For more information please visit www.salesforce.com, or call 1-800-667-6389.

Originally published: June 30, 2023

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