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FY18 Q2 recap: Heroku Continuous Integration GA & Ephemeral Apps

Need to quickly catch up on this past quarter's announcements? Here are the top three topics to tune in on:

Heroku announced the general availability of continuous integration (CI) on May 18, 2017. This new feature creates copies of staging apps to run tests, then destroys the app and its add-ons. With Heroku CI, you will see an increase in the number of default ephemeral plan resources regularly provisioned on Heroku review and CI apps. Previously, these apps used the add-on plan configured for staging.

As developers adopt CI/CD workflows, temporary deployments are becoming increasingly common. When ephemeral apps and their associated add-ons are destroyed, these actions should not be interpreted as account events and user account cancellation notifications are not needed. To identify ephemeral "temporary deployment" apps, partners can use Heroku Pipelines to determine an app’s deployment stage by accessing the Platform API for Partners.

Managing and understanding various add-on plan options for Heroku customers can be challenging. While publicly listed add-on plans on the Heroku marketplace may meet most customers’ needs, there are occasions when “custom” plans are needed for specific use cases that you may want to keep hidden. A how-to guide on the various add-on plan options for add-ons in general availability, “How to Create Custom Heroku Add-on Plans”, is now available.

Originally published: July 28, 2017

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