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FY18 Q4 recap: Platform API for Partners & New Partner Portal GA

Need to quickly catch up on this past quarter's announcements? Here are the top three topics to tune in on:

The Platform API for Partners provides many official endpoints that allow you to introspect security settings, discover other customer instances of the same add-on, and much more. With the Platform API, add-ons have an OAuth client secret and a number of OAuth authorizations, one token per provisioned add-on; it is only used to authenticate requests to create the scoped tokens and not used to authenticate other requests to the Platform API.

Updated password requirements for the add-on manifest go into effect as of December 15, 2017. Add-on manifest password values are required to be between 8 to 72 characters. Passwords will need to be compliant with these new rules in order to update add-on plans or other attributes.

New Partner Portal for add-ons is generally available and offers an improved partner experience for building, managing, and updating Heroku add-ons. The new portal brings more functionality and an improved visual approach to creating and managing key aspects of your add-on offerings, such as Marketplace Listing, Features & Plans, and Reports.

Originally published: January 26, 2018

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