HUG Recap

Last night, we threw our first-ever Heroku Users Group meetup, and it was a hit!

Fifty Heroku users, add-on developers, entrepreneurs, and more gathered at our new office to get to know the Heroku team and swap stories with each other. We heard about some of the remarkable applications people are building on the platform, and we’re very excited to publicize those more — at future HUGs, in our newsletter, and here on the blog.

For this first meetup, though, we decided to open the curtains around Heroku’s inner workings a bit. Adam gave a great talk about five new features that should make life easier, particularly for people working on large-scale applications:

  • Logging enhancements
  • Release management
  • Postgres add-on
  • Custom error pages
  • Process inspection

While most of these are still in beta testing, you can use heroku ps right now to take a look at your processes. Rest assured that you’ll be hearing more about each of them shortly, though.

After Adam’s talk, we brought up several members of the team to sit on a panel and answer questions from the audience (and from our earlier call to #askheroku questions on Twitter) We heard excellent questions, and dug into some of the inner workings of our routing mesh, plans for the future, and more. See below for some of the questions and answers.

We wrapped up the night at Bloodhound, where our friends from Basho joined us to co-sponsor a drink-up, where we all got the chance to meet and speak with even more people doing great work.

All in all, we’re very happy with how the HUG turned out, and we’re looking forward to putting on more events in the future. Stay tuned to Twitter and the blog for more news.

Questions from #askheroku

@masonhale: @heroku When is PostgreSQL 9 support coming? #askheroku #pgsql

Soon! 9 is part of the Postgres add-on that Adam talked about, and is on track to be available within a month or so.

@im_a_muppet: Will you provide git push over http/https? Working behind corporate firewalls it is not possible to use Heroku. #askheroku

Git over http/https is something that we’ve investigated, but we don’t have a firm date for making it available yet.

@leinweber: @heroku when can i tell you to exclude groups in my gemfile, ie test gems #askheroku

You’ve been able to do this for a while now! Take a look at the docs for more details.

@zackchandler: I’m sure the Heroku rabbitmq routing mesh is very cool – wonder how it works exactly? #askheroku

This one’s a little more in-depth, so we’ll work on getting a blog post about it up in the near future.

HUG Update

A few weeks ago, we announced our first-ever Heroku Users Group (known henceforth and forever more as a HUG, showing just how much we love our developers!) meetup. We’re now a week away, and we thought it’d be a good time to go into a little more detail about the plan.

On November 3rd at 7pm, we’re opening the doors to anyone who uses Heroku – developers who deploy to us, businesses built on our platform, add-on providers who create and manage services for our users, and more. We’re eager to get everyone in the same room, and we’re looking forward to see the new ideas and developments that will come out of all of us talking at this (and at future) meetups. To kick things off at this first event, though, we’re going to provide the content for you.

Adam‘s going to kick things off with a quick peek at several features that are in development. He’ll be talking about the things many of you have been asking for, and they’ll make deploying complex application much more pleasant. After that, we’ll have a panel of representatives from each of our internal teams – the people who make Heroku run – and they’ll be ready and able to answer any questions you have. Curious about the routing mesh? They wrote it! Wondering about the future of Postgres at Heroku? They know! You bring the questions, they’ll bring the answers.

And after all of that, the fun doesn’t stop – it just moves over a few blocks. At 9pm, we’re cosponsoring a drinkup at Bloodhound with our friends from Basho, so be sure to plan to stay out!

As you might be able to tell, we’re getting more and more excited as we close in on the 3rd, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to let us know that you’re coming, and we’ll see you next week!

Our travels continue

In our ongoing efforts to spread the Heroku word worldwide, our North American tour continues with a bunch of new venues coming up.

Each time we meet with people, we’re blown away with the new applications people are creating on Heroku. For example, last month FlightCaster launched an amazing app for predicting flight delays using Heroku, Clojure, S3, Hadoop and some general amazing tech. We’d love to hear from you on what you’re creating, and find out how to make some awesome stuff.

Blake Mizerany continues his travel schedule talking about Heroku, Sinatra, Ruby development and scaling. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by!

Bringing Heroku to the East Coast

With Morten out on the European tour, we didn’t want those here in the US to feel left out. Last week we attended a great BBQ and roundtable with Seattle.rb. Starting next week, we’ll be heading out to the east coast, and want to meet more of you.

Blake Mizerany will be talking with local meetup groups all along the east coast about Heroku, Sinatra, and Ruby development. We’re excited to hear how you’re using Heroku today, and what you’d like to see from us in the future.

We’re currently bookending the trip with two bigger groups: kicking it off with NYC.rb on August 11th, and ending the tour at Boston.rb on September 8th.

Have a meetup group, on the east coast or elsewhere? We would love to speak with your group as well, as part of this tour or the next. Please drop us a line letting us know where and when, and we’ll see you shortly.

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