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Announcing Platform API for Partners

Heroku has always made it easy for you to extend your apps with add-ons. Starting today, partners can access the Platform API to build a more secure and cohesive developer experience between add-ons and Heroku.

Advancing the Add-on User Experience

Several add-ons are already using the new Platform API for Partners. Adept Scale, a long-time add-on in our marketplace that provides automated scaling of Heroku dynos, has updated its integration to offer a stronger security stance, with properly scoped access to each app it is added to. Existing customer integrations have been updated as of Friday May 12th. All new installs of Adept Scale will use the more secure, scoped Platform API.

Opbeat, a performance monitoring service for Node.js developers, is using the Platform API in production to sync their user roles to match Heroku. It is also synchronizing metadata, so that its data stays in sync with Heroku when users make changes, for instance renaming a Heroku app. This connection enables a more cohesive experience between the two tools.

We have a list of standard endpoints that partners can use documented in the Dev Center, with more functionality coming soon. For new integrations that may require additional endpoints, we ask partners to reach out to us directly about making specific endpoints from the Platform API available. Please contact us with information about your intended integration.

As add-on partner adoption of the Platform API grows, Heroku customers can expect to see a more cohesive, reliable and secure developer experience when using add-ons, and a wider range of add-on offerings in our Elements marketplace.

Originally published: May 25, 2017

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