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Presenting the New Add-ons Site

Heroku Add-ons make it easy for developers to extend their applications with new features and functionality. The Add-on Provider Program has enabled cloud service providers with key business tools, including billing, single sign-on, and an integrated end-user support experience. Since the launch of the Heroku Add-ons site over two years ago, the marketplace has grown to nearly 100 add-ons. As the add-ons ecosystem has grown, we've learned a lot about how cloud service providers structure their businesses and how users interact with them.

Today we're happy to announce the launch of the updated Heroku Add-ons site.

The goal of the new site is to make it even easier to find, compare, purchase, and use add-ons. In addition to categorization, tagging, search, and an add-on showcase, we've made it easier to understand the benefits of each add-on, distinguish between plans, access documentation, and provision add-ons from the web or the command line. Here are some highlights of the new design:


We're now featuring add-ons on the homepage in an active rotation based on three criteria: newness, popularity, and staff picks.

Add-ons Showcase


We've introduced categories to help you make more informed decisions about which add-ons are right for your use case, like which database to use.

Add-ons Categories


The home page now features a lightning-fast search field. Each search result includes the CLI command to install the add-on, so if you know the add-on you're looking for you can be on and off the site in a matter of seconds.

Add-ons Search

The search tool also has some handy vim-inspired keyboard shortcuts:

  • / focuses the search field.
  • esc clears the search field.
  • j (or down arrow) moves you down in the results.
  • k (or up arrow) moves you up in the results.
  • o (or enter) opens the currently selected search result.
  • y selects the CLI command so you can copy it.

Emphasis on Productivity

In the new marketplace, we've encouraged add-on providers to highlight the ways in which their add-on will improve developers' lives. Rather than emphasizing technical commodities like megabytes of cache or number of allowed requests, benefits highlight the high-level value of each service, such as ease of integration, time saved, and higher productivity.

Add-on Benefits: CloudAMQP

Clear differentiation of Plans

The new plan interface makes it easier to distinguish how an add-on's offerings change across plans.

Add-on Plans

Dev Center Documentation

We've added tighter integration with Dev Center for easy access to each add-on's documentation.

Add-on Documentation

Looking Forward

As of today, the new Add-ons Marketplace is the default for everyone on the platform. Watch closely for updates and new features. To stay up to date as new add-ons enter the marketplace, check out the new add-ons changelog and subscribe to the feed or follow our new twitter account, @HerokuAddons.

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Originally published: December 04, 2012

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