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FY18 Q1 recap: New Add-ons Canary & Heroku Shield Private Spaces GA

Need to quickly catch up on this past quarter's announcements? Here are the top three topics to tune in on:

The new add-ons canary service will attempt to provision and deprovision your add-on service on an app named 'addons-canary'. These daily tests will help us proactively detect any failed provisioning attempts and ensure customers can provision all add-on services. This effort will also help us identify issues earlier and notify you of provisioning issues.

Heroku Shield, a set of services included in Heroku Enterprise, is generally available and offers customers additional compliance features needed for building high-compliance applications. Heroku Shield includes Shield Private Spaces, Shield Private Dynos and Shield Private Postgres.

Customers can add third-party add-ons to their Shield Private Space in the same way as a regular Private Space. The Private Spaces regions listed on an add-on's Elements listing indicate the regions that are supported for regular Private Spaces and Shield Private Spaces. Please verify that your add-on's manifest accurately reflect the supported Privates Spaces regions.

Originally published: April 28, 2017

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