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Try the new Uber API on Heroku

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On Wednesday, Uber launched an API to let developers build new products and services that leverage the Uber ridesharing platform. Uber built a simple Python/Flask app that developers can use when exploring how the API works.

This is the sort of experimentation and innovation that we at Heroku want to enable, so we sent a pull request to add an app.json file to the repo and a Heroku Button to the readme.

To deploy the Uber sample on Heroku and experiment with the new Uber API, simply register on the Uber developer site and then click the button below:

Deploy on Heroku

Once the app has been set up on Heroku, you’ll have to go back to the Uber developer site and configure the redirect URI to the URI for your newly created Heroku app.

That’s the power of Heroku: Setting up and configuring apps is quick and easy, and once you’re set up, scaling to über-size is just as simple.

Originally published: August 22, 2014

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