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Railslab is a great site by our friends over at New Relic that contains a wealth of knowledge on Rails scaling and application performance.

A couple of weeks ago they asked Ryan and Adam to stop by for a discussion of the vision behind Heroku, and the philosophy that drives the design and buildout of our scalable, provisionless hosting platform.

Ryan Tomayko and Adam Wiggins at Railslab

The interview is now available for your viewing pleasure in three parts. In the first part Adam goes into detail about the core vision behind the concept of instant deployment, and how Heroku is committed to making the deployment of Ruby web apps a seamless extension of an agile development workflow.

In the second part Ryan and Adam discuss how scalability and performance really emerge from a strong focus on understanding and implementing the correct solution to common application design problems. This goes straight to the essence of what we like to call stack curation. By providing a fully managed, state-of-the-art application stack we aim to replace the hurdles of tedious configuration and maintenance that often keep developers from doing things the right way with the first truly provisionless hosting environment. With Heroku, we’re not just looking to make correct design possible – we’re looking to make it so easy that it’d be downright shameful not to :)

Finally, the guys discuss some of the tools & services they use in their daily work, and what they think is important to have in your arsenal to really inform your development work – especially in a cloud computing environment.

Whether you’re just curious about Heroku, or an existing user there’s a lot of great information about our platform in these interviews, and we hope you’ll check them out. Big thanks to the guys over at New Relic for yanking Ryan & Adam away from their respective keyboards long enough to get this on tape!

Originally published: July 01, 2009

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