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RailsConf Schedule

RailsConf starts tomorrow and Heroku will be there in full force. Here’s our line up:

Monday, 1:30pm — A Hat Full of Tricks with Sinatra

Our very own Blake Mizerany, the creator of Sinatra, is giving a tutorial on Sinatra. Ryan Tomayko will be on hand as well.

Tuesday, 1:50pm — The Future of Deployment: A Killer Panel

Join me as I moderate a panel on deployment, with a truly killer group: Marc-André Cournoyer (creator of Thin), Christian Neukirchen (creator of Rack), Ryan Tomayko (Rack core team, creator of Rack::Cache, Sinatra core team), Blake Mizerany (creator of Sinatra), and Adam Wiggins (Heroku cofounder, creator of RestClient, Rush, and many others).

Wednesday, 10:45am — Rails Metal, Rack, and Sinatra

Adam will be giving a great talk on the latest and greatest about Rack, Rails Metal, multiple Rack endpoints, and even a bit of Sinatra. The patterns and methods he’ll discuss are the latest in scalable architecture best practices for Ruby apps.

Wednesday, 2:50pm — Heroku: Guided Tour and Q & A

Most of the Heroku team will be on hand to walk you through the Heroku platform, show off some new features, and answer questions.

Thursday, 9:25am — HTTP’s Best-Kept Secret: Caching

Ryan Tomayko will be giving a talk on what’s probably the most important issue in Rails right now: HTTP caching. This extremely powerful, transparent, and easy to implement technology is badly misunderstood and misused today. Ryan has been on the front lines for a long time, and is truly an expert; you’re bound to come out of this talk with a new, inspired perspective on HTTP caching.

Exhibit Hall — Heroku Booth

Once again we’ve got a big booth in the exhibit hall, where we’ll be demoing new features, answering questions, and giving out schwag. The Heroku team heavyweights will be available to answer your questions and help you sort out issues with your individual apps, or to just do some hacking. We’ll also be giving out t-shirts, stickers, and free credits for Heroku paid-services.

Originally published: May 03, 2009

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