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Announcing the Add-on Provider Program

Heroku Provider Program

This morning we are very excited to announce our new Add-on Provider Program, which allows anyone to easily build a Heroku add-on, making it available to all Heroku developers and customers to purchase with one click.

We first launched add-ons almost a year ago. Since then, they have been hugely successful, many add-ons being purchased thousands of times.

Hundreds of cloud service providers have contacted us wanting to build their own add-ons. We’ve spent the past nine months iterating with add-on providers to create an API that’s easy to use and easy to get started with. We’re excited to release it to you today!

API and Developer Kit

Provisioning API

We have a full developer kit for building add-ons, including a provisioning API, single-sign on for tight integration into the Heroku user experience, tools for local development and testing of API calls, and a smooth, well established process for building, integrating, and testing add-ons that has been used by many of our existing providers.

Resource Center

Resource Center

We have also built a Resource Center for providers that contains an overview of the program, detailed how-to guides, sample code, reference materials, and best practices for building and operating a cloud service.

Program Benefits

The provider program is an excellent opportunity to build a business around a cloud service, with an easy distribution channel to all Heroku developers and customers.

Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • Make your service available to all of our developers and customers
  • Create a detailed listing in our Add-ons Catalog
  • Allow customers to activate your add-on instantly with one-click
  • Manage billing, payments, and upgrades easily through our system
  • Use our development kit for local testing of API calls
  • Operate your cloud service with our documented best practices
  • Alpha and beta test your add-on with our established process
  • Get feedback from our large group of private beta testers

We’re Serious about Providers

We believe that the ability to consume external services from within Heroku is a critical part of being an application platform, so we have invested heavily in our add-ons system and now our provider program, and will continue to do so.

Heroku is dedicated to building a neutral marketplace of cloud services. We will encourage competition, base our policies on objective metrics everywhere possible, and help to accelerate merit-based adoption of third party add-ons.

With dozens of providers already working on new add-ons and hundreds getting started today, we are very excited about providing a high-quality, self-service program for providers.

If you have any questions about the new program or need help getting started, please feel free to contact the add-ons team.

Customer Feedback

Our primary interest in add-ons is the tremendous value they can deliver to Heroku users. We want to hear as much feedback as possible from our users and customers about add-ons. We are building some great tools to make it easy for customers to share feedback and requests with us and with our providers.

Have a review of a particular provider? Have a service you would like to see an add-on for? Let us know!

Originally published: September 14, 2010

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