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Announcing Huge Growth and New CEO

Heroku deployed apps growth chart

Big things are happening at Heroku, so we felt it was time for an overall update. I’m happy to say that not only has the platform doubled in size over the last 12 months to well over 35,000 live apps, but usage has become more serious and far more intense. Tons of business-critical apps are now live on Heroku, and rely on us for dependable, secure, scalable service, 24/7.

We are seeing some really cool and complex composite apps now that the platform has expanded and become more flexible. The app scale we’re seeing has jumped too, with many apps now each individually exceeding hundreds of millions of requests per month.

All of this is largely due to our passionate users and supporters who beta test our platform, contribute great content to the community, and evangelize us in blogs and tweets. Huge thanks to all of you!

The team has been plenty busy scaling the platform and building more new features than ever. But with all this growth, I’ve had less and less time for my personal contribution: driving the whole team crazy with my insane hairsplitting perfectionism.

Adam, Orion, and I agreed that with all this great stuff happening we needed to expand the team, so today we’re pleased to announce that Byron Sebastian has joined us as CEO. Don’t be fooled by Byron’s extensive experience building commercial platforms (Amazon.com, Crossgain, BEA, SourceLabs, EMC); he’s a passionate engineer at heart.

Byron is a great fit with the unique culture of the Ruby community and the Heroku team, and brings a ton of great experience into the company. We’re thrilled for him to help us take Heroku to the next level.

With Byron onboard, Adam, Orion, and I will be able to spend even more time on the product. For me especially, this means I’ll be able to let my OCD run amuck and focus even more maniacally on Heroku’s trademark smooth user experience (I can see the team groaning and rolling their eyes as I type this).

We’ve been working hard on some awesome new additions to the platform we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks. Exciting times ahead – stay tuned!

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Originally published: October 15, 2009

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