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RailsConf 2013

Developers are worthy of great experiences and at Heroku we aim to help improve this. Whether its making it easier to prepare your application for production on Heroku, not having to worry about security updates in your database, or getting notified of the latest rails vulnerability we want to make the world better for developers. This extends beyond the Heroku platform as well. For instance, our Ruby Task Force contributes back to projects like Ruby on Rails, Bundler, Code Triage, and Rails Girls.

Likewise, we aim to do everything we can to make your RailsConf experience better. Whether it is relaxing with some sake or getting performance advice for your application, we have a slew of activities planned for the conference:

  • Performance Bar - Over the last month, we have been helping customers with Bamboo to Cedar migrations, visibility tooling, and scaling. We are bringing this white glove service to RailsConf. Heroku Engineers will be at our booth to help with your PostgreSQL database, better introspection, and any other issue to help improve your app for deployment. The Performance Bar will be open during Expo Hall hours on Tuesday and Wednesday at our booth. Feel free to walk up and get one-on-one help from a Heroku Engineer or preschedule an appointment by emailing tammy@heroku.com.
  • Performance Workshop - We're partnering with our good friends, JumpStart Lab, to run a free Performance Workshop on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in room D136 at the Portland Convention Center. Get hands on performance tips and then test your knowledge afterwards in an application performance tuning contest. We'll hand out prizes for the fastest times. It's free to sign up!
  • Sake Happy Hour - On Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-4 pm we'll be hosting a Sake Happy Hour at our booth complete with a limited supply of Heroku shot glasses each day. Come celebrate and talk shop with Heroku Engineers.
  • Sessions - There will be two talk sessions given by Heroku Engineers.

We're looking forward to being a part of your RailsConf experience. If you have feedback on how we can improve further please reach out to us.

Originally published: April 27, 2013

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