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Rails 2

Rails 2 is now the default for all newly created Heroku apps.

Existing apps will continue to run on 1.2 unless you edit config/environment.rb and change the version number manually. Importing an app will try to guess the Rails version from your environment.rb, but you should double-check after the import to make sure the version is set to what you wanted.

We’ll leave a 1.2 gem available for a while, but we’re going to take advantage of our beta status here and keep the time window on this relatively short – perhaps a month or two. (Don’t worry, by the time the next major Rails release goes around, we’ll have a plan for longer-term support of legacy versions in place.)

It’s quite painless to upgrade, especially if you don’t have any deprecation warnings in your logs. Here’s a list of the major features and changes, and here’s some notes to help you upgrade.

Originally published: December 17, 2007

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