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Goodbye Rails 1.2

Rails 1.2 is now officially deprecated for Heroku apps. Starting January 3 (that’s tomorrow), new features we are developing will not be available on apps still configured to use Rails 1.2. Then, on January 21, we will automatically upgrade any remaining 1.2 apps.

We know it’s only been a month since Rails 2 came out, so we hope this doesn’t come across as overly harsh. By taking this approach we can spend less time backporting, which means more time for new features. Since Heroku is still in early beta we feel that this is reasonable. Rest assured that when the next major Rails release comes around, we’ll be committed to supporting 2.0 for a much longer time window.

In most cases, upgrading should be as easy as changing your `config/environment.rb` to contain 2.0.2 instead of 1.2.x, and adding a block that looks like this to your initializer:

config.action_controller.session = {
        :session_key => '_my_app_session',
        :secret      => '241b740a2f480d9776e6ce0c36b51f9df46ecf1d25814cd03b4d14dbb6ba7cd92'

If you find that you have breakage after the upgrade, read this post by Steve Ross which covers potential areas of incompatibility in detail.

And if you’re still having difficulty with the upgrade, just send us an email with the name of your app and we’ll be happy to help.

Originally published: January 02, 2008

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