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Announcing the Dublin, Ireland Region for Heroku Private Spaces

We are excited to announce the Dublin region for Heroku Private Spaces is now generally available for Heroku Enterprise customers. Dublin joins the growing list of regions that Private Spaces supports: Sydney, Virginia, Oregon, Frankfurt, and Tokyo. With the Private Spaces Dublin region, organizations can build and deploy Heroku-style apps closer to their UK customers, reducing network latency and providing a better user experience.

Heroku Private Spaces, available as part of Heroku Enterprise, is a network isolated group of apps and data services with a dedicated runtime environment, provisioned by Heroku in a geographic region you specify. With Spaces you can build modern apps with the powerful Heroku developer experience and get enterprise-grade secure network topologies. This enables your Heroku applications to securely connect to on-premise systems on your corporate network and other cloud services, including Salesforce.


To create a Private Space in Dublin, select the Spaces tab in Heroku Dashboard in Heroku Enterprise, then click the “New Space” button and choose “Dublin, Ireland” from the the Space Region dropdown.

Or you can create the space in the CLI by running:

$ heroku spaces:create my-new-space --region dublin --team my-team
Creating space my-new-space in team my-team... done

After a Private Space in Dublin is created, Heroku apps can be created inside it as normal. All of Heroku’s data add-ons, Postgres, Redis, and Kafka, are also available in Dublin as are a variety of third-party Add-ons.


All Heroku Enterprise customers can immediately begin to create Private Spaces in Dublin and deploy apps there. If there are regions which you would like us to support in the future, please let us know.

Originally published: September 26, 2017

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