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Introducing Our New Low-Cost Plans

Update November 7th, 2022: These plans are now generally available. Take a look at our launch announcement post for more information on migration.

When we announced Heroku’s Next Chapter last month, we received a lot of feedback from our customers. One of the things that stood out was interest in a middle ground between free and our current Hobby dyno and data plans, a lower-cost option. We’ve also fielded requests to keep a dyno that “sleeps” when not receiving requests, which is an integral feature for non-production apps.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce our new Eco Dynos plan, which will cost $5 for 1,000 compute hours a month, shared across all of your eco dynos. We are calling these dynos Eco because they sleep after 30 minutes of no web traffic and only consume hours when active, so they are economical for you. Having dynos sleep while not in use is also friendly to our environment by reducing power usage. When Eco dynos are available, you’ll be able to use a one-click conversion of all your free dynos to eco, saving you time and clicks!

We also heard your feedback to provide a lower-cost data offering. We’re very excited to announce new Mini plans for Heroku Postgres (10K rows, $5/month) and Heroku Data for Redis® (25 MB, $3/month).

Our new plans will be available before we end our free product offerings on November 28, 2022. We will provide more information about upgrades and any steps you need to take in early November. See our FAQ for more info.

We’re also renaming our existing Hobby plans to Basic. This change is in name only and was done to indicate the flexibility and production-ready power of these small-but-reliable plans.

We want to thank the passionate developer community that continues to stick with us as we make hard but necessary decisions for our business, and hope that you’ll continue to offer feedback that we can integrate into our public roadmap.

Product Plan Cost Features
Eco Dynos $5 for 1000 dyno hours/month Ideal for experimenting in a limited sandbox. Dynos sleep during inactivity and don't consume hours while sleeping.
Basic (formerly Hobby) Dynos ~$0.01 per hour, up to $7/month Perfect for small-scale personal projects and apps that don't need scaling.
Mini Postgres ~$0.007 per hour, $5/month 10,000 rows of storage
Basic (formerly Hobby-Basic) Postgres ~$0.013 per hour, up to $9/month 10 GB of storage
Mini Heroku Data for Redis® ~$0.004 per hour, $3/month 25 MB of storage

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Originally published: September 26, 2022

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