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Eco and Mini Plans Now Generally Available

In September, we announced our new low-cost Eco dynos plan and Mini plans for Heroku Postgres and Heroku Data for Redis®. The time has come! These plans are available today for new and existing applications.

For customers paying by credit or debit card, the Eco dynos and Mini data plans are free until November 30th, 2022. While our free dyno and data plans will no longer be available starting November 28th, 2022, you can upgrade to our new plans early, without extra cost. You begin accruing charges for these plans on December 1st, 2022.

To make the upgrade from free to paid plans easier, we’ve launched a new tool in the Heroku Dashboard. You can quickly see your free resources and choose the ones you want to upgrade. Visit our Knowledge Base for instructions on using the upgrade tool.


Subscribing to Eco automatically converts your free dynos for all your apps to Eco, along with any Scheduler jobs that were using free dynos. When our free plans end, any Heroku Scheduler jobs that use free dynos will fail. You must reconfigure any existing Scheduler jobs that use free dynos to use another dyno type.

For Heroku Enterprise accounts, we will automatically convert your free databases to the Mini plan starting November 28th, 2022. No action is required. You can contact your account executive with any questions.

We have a robust set of frequently asked questions about these new plans. We’ve also published a new Optimizing Resource Costs article with guidance on the most cost-efficient use of Heroku resources.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via a support ticket, so we can help get you answers. As always, we welcome feedback and ideas for improvement on the Heroku public roadmap.

Originally published: November 07, 2022

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