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Memcached Public Beta

The top open request from our recent survey has been for memcached. Memcached is a simple, fast and scalable in-memory object caching system. Dynamic web applications use memcached to store frequently used data, reducing database load. The Heroku memcached add-on is built on the NorthScale distribution of memcached (NorthScale Memcached Server) which includes an advanced, per-user security model. The service is fully managed by NorthScale – a company formed and run by leaders of the memcached open source project.

All Heroku users can use the add-on today. Read the docs for full details on getting started and add away. We’ll be using this beta period to analyze usage, determine final pricing, and collect user feedback. We are aiming for a late April full release of the add-on.

Originally published: March 16, 2010

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