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Manage Heroku with your iPhone

You get a call from your partner that your app just hit the front page of Digg. You’re away from your computer, and need to scale your app up now! Fire up Nezumi and dial your dynos to 12 to handle the load no problem.

Nezumi panel on iPhone

Nezumi is a 3rd party iPhone app that allows you to perform almost any of the functions that the CLI supports, from restarting your app, changing your dynos and workers, viewing logs, adding collaborators, and much more. It’s available now from the iTunes store.

Marshall, the developer of Nezumi, was kind enough to provide us 5 copies of Nezumi to give away. Leave a comment below, and on Friday we’ll select 5 people from random and email you a promo code for Nezumi!

Originally published: January 26, 2010

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