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Join us for a New Chapter of Growth and Innovation

While it's not our usual approach to announce hiring updates on our product blog, we're pleased to share our ongoing dedication to improving the Heroku experience.

Focused Growth and Progress

Heroku is entering a new phase of investment, and as a part of this initiative, we are opening up new positions for individuals who would like to join us in driving this effort. Our goal is to expand our offerings across the platform, catering to both our customers and ecosystem partners.

Our mission remains clear: we aim to assist developers in creating their best code yet, enabling them to build more substantial and AI-enabled applications. Similarly, for our partners, we're dedicated to supporting the creation of tightly integrated experiences. We're also committed to enhancing integrations, particularly with regards to Salesforce, which seamlessly connects Heroku Dynos with CRM data.

Heroku DX streamlines application development and deployment, and our intention is to deliver the same value in incorporating AI within customer applications. Additionally, while Heroku provides managed application support, we recognize that AI can elevate the Heroku DX experience further, aiding developers in refining their application code and effectively managing resources and optimization strategies. This is just a glimpse of what we have planned; our public roadmap reflects our collaborative journey.

Exploring New Opportunities with Heroku

We're in search of talented individuals to join our product, engineering, and operations teams. We're interested in individuals with expertise in AI, DX, Tooling, Data, Operational Excellence, Operations, and more. Whether you're a skilled developer, a strategic engineering manager, or a detail-oriented operator, there's a place for you in our journey.

Feel free to share your thoughts and referrals with us directly on LinkedIn. Are you prepared to contribute to how Heroku is shaping the technology landscape? This is just the beginning, so make sure to regularly visit our careers page to explore the diverse array of open roles and find your next career move.

Originally published: August 30, 2023

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