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Introducing the Heroku Postgres Connector for Salesforce Data Cloud

Heroku Postgres is one of the world's largest managed data stores. Our customers rely on Heroku Postgres to store valuable data, which powers a range of experiences and services they build on Heroku. Salesforce Data Cloud integrates all your company's data into the Einstein 1 Platform, creating a comprehensive customer view for personalized engagements, analytics, and AI.

When businesses bring data from Heroku Postgres into Salesforce Data Cloud to create unified customer profiles, they can deliver highly personalized user experiences and give them a competitive advantage.

Today, we‘re excited to announce the launch of the Heroku Postgres Connector, now part of the Salesforce Data Cloud suite of no-cost connectors. This connector enables seamless one-way data synchronization from Heroku Postgres to Data Cloud, empowering you to develop customer-facing apps on Heroku and unify Postgres data with Data Cloud.

Unlock New Possibilities with Heroku and Data Cloud

Every click and every interaction holds valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. Harnessing this data can revolutionize your approach to customer engagement and drive your business forward. You can design a web application hosted on Heroku to capture this engagement data into Heroku Postgres. This data isn't just numbers and metrics; it's a window into your customers' interests and their journey with your brand. The Heroku Postgres Connector for Data Cloud makes it easier to sync the data from your web or mobile apps on Heroku Postgres to Data Cloud, so you can customize your apps to your customer's needs.

By harnessing the power of Heroku and Salesforce Data Cloud, you're not just building a web application; you're creating a digital experience that fosters deeper connections with your customers. This digital experience enables you to understand your customers better, anticipate their needs, exceed their expectations, and drive success like never before. Additionally, this data can then be used to generate an enriched Customer 360 and actionable insights. The following diagram illustrates the Heroku app connectivity to Data Cloud via Heroku Postgres Connector.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 1

In addition Heroku Postgres Connector for Data Cloud unlocks many interesting use cases.

Deliver Personalized Experiences: With Data Cloud and Heroku Postgres, you can integrate valuable data from your Heroku app to create a unified customer profile, unlocking insights and enhancing engagement and satisfaction. For example, e-commerce customers can roll out personalized shopping apps and marketing journeys that predict consumer spending behaviors and provide tailored offers.

Automate Customer Engagement: By syncing data from Heroku Postgres to Data Cloud, you can create automations based on how your customers interact with your app. Depending on a customer’s interactions, you can automate sending personalized marketing campaigns, identifying potential opportunities, or creating cases in Salesforce.

Simplify Custom Data Transformation: Leverage Heroku Postgres to move data from external systems and applications, to simplify data transformations. Combined with Heroku DevOps and scalable compute; custom transformation in large data sets can be efficiently managed programmatically with low-latency. After the transformation process, with the Heroku Postgres Connector, you can seamlessly synchronize your data with the Data Cloud.

Get Started with the Heroku Postgres Connector

Setting up the connector is easy with a point-and-click UI. All you need is your database credentials for your Heroku Postgres database and Data Cloud enabled in your Salesforce org to set up the connector. Check out the Connecting Heroku Postgres to Salesforce Data Cloud article on getting started.



At Heroku, we make it easy to simplify interactions with Data Cloud and other Salesforce products to enhance the customer experience. The introduction of the Heroku Postgres Connector for Data Cloud represents seamless integration of both Salesforce Products. As you explore the possibilities of Data Cloud integration with Heroku, we encourage you to share your innovative ideas with us.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on future reliability improvements we can make, check out our public roadmap on GitHub and submit an issue!

Originally published: May 10, 2024

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