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Historical Uptime on Status Site

Until now, Heroku Status has been focused primarily on present platform health - providing current status, uptime for the current month, and recent incident history. Today we're announcing an addition to our status site: a dedicated page to view historical uptime. The new uptime page provides a longer-term perspective on Heroku uptime and incidents - perspective that is critical for transparency and continued trust in the Heroku platform.

The new uptime page covers both the US and Europe regions for visibility into uptime where your apps are hosted. This was a top-requested feature with the recent launch of Heroku's Europe region.

The uptime page displays per-month uptime going back up to one year for both the US and Europe regions. To provide a view of historical incidents as well as historical uptime, it also visualizes the occurrence and duration of major and minor incidents by day. This page is designed to provide a clear and transparent view into uptime and incident occurrence over time.

You can find out more about Heroku Status, how we calculate uptime, and other details in the Dev Center.

Originally published: June 13, 2013

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