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Heroku Casts: Queue Depth & New Relic

New Relic RPM is an on-demand performance management solution for web applications developed in Ruby. New Relic recently introduced an updated agent. Some of the highlights include support for Sinatra and rack apps, as well as background workers.

They also added a great Heroku feature; you can now view your backlog depth history. When a request comes in to Heroku it’s passed to your dynos to process the request. If more requests are coming in than your dynos can handle, the requests queue up. Our docs provide a more detailed overview of performance. The queue is often a sign that you need to increase your dynos or speed up your app. New Relic can now show you the peak and average queue for your app.

This screencast provides an overview of the new feature in New Relic, and some guidance on how to tell when it’s time to crank your dynos.

Originally published: March 08, 2010

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