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Heroku Postgres PGX: Bigger Databases, Improved Infrastructure, Same Price

Today, we’re excited to announce a major update to Heroku Postgres with a new lineup of production plans. These plans are the first component of Heroku Postgres PGX, the next generation of our managed Postgres solution.

PGX Plans introduce larger database sizes, more generous resource allocations, and a broader set of options to suit your needs and to help your applications scale more smoothly. PGX Plans are generally available as of today, and all new Postgres databases will be created on our latest generation of Postgres infrastructure. Underneath the hood, we've upgraded the CPU, memory, storage, and networking aspects to ensure your Postgres database is running smoothly at scale.

To take a look at which of your Heroku Postgres databases can take advantage of PGX Plans now and how, go to data.heroku.com.

New Production Plans for More Flexible Scaling

Our new lineup of 8 plan levels offers gradual transitions to help you grow from a small production database on our level 0 plans all the way to large amounts of data with demanding workflows with our level 8 plans.

These new plans are available for Production-ready Postgres with our Standard tier, critical applications with our Premium tier, as well as with our Private Spaces-compatible Private and Shield tiers.

Plan levels * RAM Provisioned I/O
per second
Disk size
0 4 GB 200 68 GB
2 8 GB 200 256 GB
3 15 GB 1000 512 GB
4 30 GB 2000 768 GB
5 61 GB 4000 1 TB
6 122 GB 6000 1.5 TB
7 244 GB 9000 2 TB
8 488 GB 12000 3 TB
* Applies to Standard, Premium, Private tiers

You can learn more about the technical specifications of each plan - and what would best suit your needs - on our list of Heroku Postgres plans and our Dev Center article on choosing the right Heroku Postgres plan.

More Storage at the Same Price

As their applications increase in complexity and require more data, customers have been looking for expanded storage to handle larger volumes of data. PGX Plans introduce additional storage, at plan level 4 and above, that expands available disk by at least 1.5 times the existing amount - also at no additional cost. With this storage expansion, PGX Plans now enable you to install a Postgres database with up to 3 Terabytes of storage.

For our customers who use Postgres for analytically-focused workloads with critical storage, these new plans will enable nearly-limitless large-scale querying.

Improved Infrastructure at the Same Price

Customers with demanding production applications have asked us for improved infrastructure that can better support them as their applications become more complex and mission-critical. PGX Plans update our existing slate of managed Postgres plans with substantial changes to our hardware and networking at no additional cost.

Our approach to improved infrastructure for Postgres comes in two forms:

  • Previously, variable loads on level 2 plans (standard-2, premium-2 and private-2) occasionally reached burstable capacity limits. PGX level 2 production plans are provisioned for consistently higher loads, providing you with predictable and consistent performance.
  • For level 4 plans and above (levels 4, 6 and 7), PGX Plans rely on infrastructure that has significant improvements to its memory, I/O, and networking performance.

As an example, let's look at an existing standard-4 Postgres plan. In comparison, A PGX standard-4 plan provides twice the memory, I/O and RAM as its predecessor.

Existing standard-4 15 GB 1000 2
PGX standard-4 30 GB 2000 4

Migrating Your Existing Database to PGX Plans

If your database is on a standard-2, premium-2 or private-2 plan, we've already updated your database to updated PGX Plans infrastructure. If you're on a level 4 or above plan, there are a few simple steps you'll need to do to upgrade:

  • Go to data.heroku.com. If your database is eligible for an upgrade, you'll receive a notification guiding you to the Dev Center article outlining your upgrade instructions.

New Plans, More Possibilities dialog window

  • Or, run 'pg:info' in your CLI to determine if your database is eligible.
heroku pg:info -a sushi
Plan         Standard 4
Status       available
Improved Standard-4 Plans Available at the same price (2x RAM, 2x vCPU, 2x IOPS)
Learn More: https://blog.heroku.com/new-heroku-postgres-plans
Update Now: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/updating-heroku-postgres-databases

Instructions on how to update your database are available in our Dev Center.

More to Come: Updates, Features, and Maintenances

This is the first of many steps in PGX we'll share with you this year - stay tuned for continued updates on new features and maintenance plans to get the most out of your Heroku Postgres experience.

We hope you all enjoy your new PGX Plans - If you have any feedback or questions, please get in touch!

Originally published: January 17, 2018

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