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New Dynos and Pricing Are Now Generally Available

Today we are announcing that Heroku’s new dynos are generally available. This new suite of dynos gives you an expanded set of options and prices when it comes to building apps at any scale on Heroku, no matter whether you’re preparing for traffic from Black Friday shoppers or deploying your first lines of code. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta and provided feedback and bug reports.

What does this mean for you? Beginning today, all new applications will run using these new dynos. You can migrate your existing paid applications to the new dynos at any convenient time until January 31, 2016, when we will sunset the traditional dynos. We will begin migrating free applications to the free dynos after July 15th, 2015.

About the new dynos

What are the new dynos?

  • The new hobby dynos are perfect for when you want to have the Heroku developer experience and 24x7 uptime but aren’t looking to scale out. Hobby dynos have 512MB of RAM, never sleep, and are only $7 per dyno per month. Previously, dynos that never sleep started at $36 per month. You can build apps with 1 hobby dyno per process type, up to 10 process types. To scale out, upgrade to professional dynos, such as standard-1x.
  • The new free dynos now allow up to 18 hours of activity in a given 24 hour period for 1 web dyno, 1 worker dyno and 1 one-off dyno started by heroku run or Heroku Scheduler. Your application on free dynos sleeps automatically during quiet periods. As long as your application sleeps when you do, you should never have to think about sleeping, but there are more details on sleeping in the Dyno Sleeping and Recharging article in Dev Center.

How have we improved our existing Professional dynos?

  • standard-1x and standard-2x dynos come with a great set of professional features for your production business applications, including the ability to scale both vertically and horizontally, application metrics, preboot and fast builds. They are priced at $25 and $50 per dyno per month for 512MB or 1GB of RAM. This reduces the per-unit price compared to the list price for our traditional dynos. The 750 free dyno-hour credit that used to be available on traditional dynos is no longer available. standard dynos never sleep, and include all hobby features.
  • performance dynos isolate your app from other apps and dynos for more resources, consistent performance and superior tail latencies for your high traffic, “XL” applications, priced at $500 per dyno per month. performance dynos come with all standard features.

These new dyno types prices are listed monthly so you can easily estimate your costs while still benefitting from pay as you go pricing, prorated to the second. As an example, if your app runs on a standard-1x dyno for 1 day in a 30 day month, you pay only (1/30) * $25 = $0.83.

Grandfathering and Migration

Existing paid applications can be migrated at any convenient time between now and January 31, 2016. Most paid applications will see savings by switching to the new dynos, and with the dynos entering general availability today, we encourage you to migrate at your earliest convenience. While we encourage you to migrate before then, we will automatically migrate any remaining applications after that date. Existing Heroku Enterprise customers will be automatically upgraded to the new professional dynos later today, June 15th, 2015.

Existing free applications will be migrated to use the new free dynos beginning on July 15th, 2015. Almost all free applications on the platform will continue to run as they always have on the new dynos. Some applications will need to either upgrade to hobby or remove keep-alive code or services in order to maintain continuous operations. Applications which manage to sleep for at least six hours per day will always wake up to serve requests. For a detailed explanation of how sleeping works, see the Dyno Sleeping and Recharging article in Dev Center.

In order to ease this transition for our users, until August 15th, 2015 free dynos will receive warnings when they are active for more than 18 of the last 24 hours. Beginning on August 15th, applications which repeatedly exceed their usage quota will need to “recharge” and sleep for six hours. When an application is recharging, it will not be able to send or receive traffic, and it will not be able to run one-off dynos. No charges will accrue due to usage of free dynos at any time, and users can upgrade to hobby dynos to resume service immediately. In addition, each application will receive warnings on up to three separate days per month before they need to “recharge”.


We’re really excited to be able to bring these new dynos to you. We’ve received lots of great feedback from the developer community during our beta period and we hope these new dynos will serve you well no matter what stage your application is at. As always, if you have feedback let us know.

Originally published: June 15, 2015

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