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Innovating on Heroku is now more cost-effective

Heroku is improving the cost-effectiveness of Heroku Enterprise with the addition of Basic dynos. Now, Enterprise customers can unlock the power of Basic dynos on the Common Runtime. Basic dynos enable seamless app development and testing on the Heroku platform in the most efficient and cost-effective way. As part of our efforts to simplify our pricing and packaging, we’re ensuring parity in our product offerings between our card-paying and our Enterprise-contracted customers. Most frequently, Heroku customers use Basic dynos for testing new applications, creating reference apps, and for small-scale projects. By making Basic dynos available on Enterprise, these same apps can use other dyno types when ready for production.

For Enterprise customers, Basic dynos consume 0.28 dyno units, a notable reduction from the existing minimum consumption of 1 dyno unit with Standard-1X dynos. Basic dynos are the new default dyno type for Common Runtime apps for Enterprise customers. If you’re interested in buying Heroku on an Enterprise contract, reach out to our dedicated account team. If you’re a Premier or Signature support customer, our customer solution architects can help you identify cost optimizations for your implementation using Basic dynos.

Basic Dynos Uses & Features

There’s no change to the features Basic dynos supports. If you’re using a Basic dyno, review and ensure that you aren’t relying on a feature that the Basic dyno doesn’t support.

Feature Eco Basic Standard-1X Standard-2X Performance-M Performance-L
Deploy with Git or Docker
Custom Domain Support
Automatic OS patching
Regular and timely updates to language version support
Free SSL and automated certificate management for TLS certs
Application metrics
Heroku Teams
Horizontal scalability
Language runtime metrics
Autoscaling for web dynos
Dedicated compute resources


At Heroku, we want to ensure all our customers can build apps rapidly and cost-effectively, no matter whether you’re a card-paying or Enterprise customer. Enabling Basic dynos for Heroku Enterprise represents a significant stride in that direction.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on future reliability improvements we can make, check out our public roadmap on GitHub and submit an issue!

Originally published: January 23, 2024

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