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Automatic Certificate Management for Eco Dynos

TLS and HTTPS encryption have become foundational primitives and a requirement for running any app or service on the internet. Many Heroku customers told us through our public roadmap to make Heroku Automated Certificate Management available to all dyno types, including our Eco subscription. We're thrilled to announce that Automatic Certificate Management(ACM) and manual certificate support are now available for apps running on Eco dynos. You can manually add certificates, or use Heroku ACM to make getting set up with https quick and simple.

Certificates handled by ACM automatically renew one month before they expire. New certificates are created automatically whenever you add or remove a custom domain to an app. Automated Certificate Management makes running secure and compliant apps on Heroku simple. Heroku ACM uses Let’s Encrypt, the free, automated, and open certificate authority for managing TLS certificates. Heroku sponsors Let’s Encrypt, which the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) runs for public benefit.

You can enable ACM for any app by running the following command:

$ heroku certs:auto:enable

Previously, Heroku automatically enabled ACM when apps were upgraded from Eco to larger dynos. We deprecated this behavior and ACM is no longer auto-enabled when making any dyno type change. See the changelog entry for details.


At Heroku, we take the trust, reliability and availability of your apps seriously. Supporting ACM & manual certificate uploads for Eco dynos is another step to improving security for all app types. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're excited to continue delivering features that enhance your experience.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on future reliability improvements we can make, check out our public roadmap on GitHub and submit an issue!

Originally published: February 08, 2024

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