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And the winner is... Michael Ansel!


Congratulations to Michael who’s the winner of our Heroku+Twilio Developer contest. Michael got seriously busy, and submitted not one but two projects for the contest!

The first is a handy app that tells students, faculty, employees, and visitors at Duke University which places on campus are currently open. Simply call in, and it’ll read you back a list of open restaurants, libraries etc. There’s even a keypad-based search option. Seriously cool stuff! You can try it on the Twilio sandbox by calling (866) 583-6913 and entering 4456-8772 when prompted for a PIN.

If that wasn’t enough, Michael also hammered out a suite of Ruby development tools for Twilio, including a TwiML Response libary, a TwiMl parser and a web based call simulator. All very impressive work, and available for you to use on Github.

Michael, we hope you’ll enjoy your spiffy new Netbook and $300 in Heroku platform credit. You truly deserve it! Last but not least, a big thanks goes out to everyone who played in the contest – keep building cool stuff!

Originally published: July 13, 2009

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