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An update on Heroku Node.js support

UPDATE: Node.JS is now officially available on Heroku.

In April we released experimental support for Node.js. Response was instant and overwhelming. Now, nearly 1,000 people are using Node.js on Heroku.

The goal of the experiment was to understand what it would take to run Node.js in the most Heroku way possible. The experiment was extremely successful. People have built great apps, provided feedback, and engaged in ways beyond our expectations. Three of the key requests we’ve heard are:

  • Support for long connections, beyond a 30 second timeout
  • HTTP 1.1 and websockets
  • Scaling Node.js as easily as Ruby

While we work on the next version incorporating these features and more, we are closing the Node.js experimental release to new users. All existing users will continue to have access to the Node.js experimental release.

To those of you who have used our Node.js support and provided feedback, thank you! For those on the waiting list, you’ll be first on the list for the next version next year.

Originally published: September 20, 2010

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