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Video and Slides: Optimizing Production Apps on Heroku

On July 31st, our customer advocate team presented the second webcast in a two-part series on production apps on Heroku. In case you missed it, the recording and slides are below. This second session is designed for an audience familiar with Heroku basics and covers:

  • Using a CDN to increase app performance
  • How to manage the asset pipeline
  • Using heroku-pg-extras to gain visibility into database performance
  • How to manage database migrations
  • How to use a database follower for transactional and analytics database reads
  • How to set up caching with Heroku add-ons
  • Useful labs features

Resources from the presentation:

A summary of the first session in the series, Running Production Apps on Heroku, can be found here.

Originally published: August 01, 2013

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