Waza 2013: How Ecosystems Build Mastery

When we think of the concept of Waza (技) or "art and technique," it's easy to get caught up in the idea of individual mastery. It's true that works of art are often created by those with great skill, but acquiring that skill is neither solitary nor static. Generations of masters contribute to a canon and it is in that spirit that we built the Heroku platform and the Waza event. This year's Waza was no exception.

On February 28th, more than 900 attendees participated in Waza including Ruby founder Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, Django co-creator Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Codeacademy’s Linda Liukas. True to form, we offered you a platform for experimentation and you surprised us with your contributions.

From your origami creations, to your Arduino hacks, to the technical conversations over craft beer -- you taught us that the definition of software development is ever-evolving. Thank you for allowing us to help you change lives and push boundaries. We will continue our commitment to growing the platform for you and look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

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What’s Happening at Waza

Waza (技) 2013 is only a week away and the schedule is packed with amazing speakers and hands-on craft experiences. We can’t wait to share this day with all of you. If you haven’t yet, register now before it’s too late!

This year, Waza will have three stages with a total of 20 talks. The rest of the venue is packed with lounges, co-working spaces, snack and beverage stations, and, thanks to our sponsors, all kinds of interactive, craft-based activities to fuel your creative mind.

##Hands-on Crafts

In addition to our great sponsored happenings, we have quilting, dye-making and printmaking artists on hand. Come experience their unique crafts, hands-on and up-close.

Quilting and Dye-making: Maura Grace Ambrose is bringing her Folk Fibers all the way from Austin, TX. Maura collects natural materials to dye fabrics then uses them to stitch together special quilts. Join Maura in the hands-on creation of a custom Waza quilt.

Printmaking: Marissa Marquez joins us at Waza for the second time. Marissa uses woodworking tools to hand-carve original designs into blocks and stamp them onto paper. She has created some beautiful prints for Waza which you can use to print your own postcard, or she can teach you how to make your own.

##All Things Delicious

Blue Bottle Coffee: We’re a bit obsessed with coffee at Heroku. And it’s an obsession we like to share. Doors open at 10am for badge pickup, show up early and enjoy a cup of pour-over coffee while you get to know some Herokai. But don’t worry, this cup-at-a-time coffee service will be available all day.

Tea Lounge: We know some people prefer tea, including many of our own staff, so we’ve set aside space for the Waza tea lounge where you’ll find a variety of loose-leaf teas.

Food Trucks: We will have an assortment of local food trucks offering a selection of lunch specials. Use the ticket on your badge and select your favorite.

##Don’t Want to Deal with Parking?

Secure bike parking will be available thanks to the fine folks at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

##Meet our Sponsors

####Atlassian Well-known for their collaboration tools that help teams build better products, Atlassian is providing Waza with co-working spaces to get the job done.

####DODOcase Creating artisan products for technology is the core of DODOcase’s business. Stop by and create your own Waza-branded, hand-bound notepad to take home .

####Github We all know that Github knows how to throw a great party, so we’re pumped that they are sponsoring the Waza afterparty. The fun starts at 9 p.m., and everyone with a Waza badge is invited.

####MongoHQ We are pleased to have an origami artist, Linda Mihara as part of the Waza experience. And thanks to MongoHQ for adding rockets to her repertoire. Learn the ancient art of paper folding and make your own shiny silver rocket to take home.

####Neo4j Adding an art experience to one of the lounges, Neo4j is bringing an amaizng Zen Table to Waza. They’ll also use their superstar graphing skills to monitor and display the event’s Twitter activity.

####Neon Roots A full service interactive agency specializing in custom web & mobile development that contributed to our web site.

####New Relic Cheers! Thanks to New Relic, we’ll be serving craft beers at Happy Hour. To kick things off at 5 p.m., an expert from 21st Amendment Brewery will share how those delicious flavors you’re enjoying came to be.

####SendGrid SendGrid is bringing us a Waza first: Arduino hacking in the Garden! If you are new to Arduino, SendGrid will be leading two intro talks to get you started. If you’re already an Arduino, just sit down and hack! You might even win an Arduino kit to take home.

####Treasure Data Saving us all from huddling in a corner near a power source, or missing anything to charge our laptops, Treasure Data is providing Waza attendees with two power valet stations. Drop off your electronics to be safely stored and charged while you enjoy the talks and activities.

##Register Now

February 28th is less than two short weeks away. If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Concourse for a sure-to-be-epic Waza!

Waza 2013

Waza Returns to San Francisco in February 2013

Heroku's developer event, Waza, returns on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 to the Concourse in San Francisco. Sign up to be notified when tickets are available.

What is Waza?

Waza (技) is the Japanese word for art and technique. At Heroku, we believe that software development is a craft. Building modern technologies that engage and inspire is an art, with techniques shared, passed on, and honed in the process of creation.

Waza is an event where developers can find inspiration – about what’s happening in technology, what’s happening at Heroku, how people are thinking about the future, and how the landscape of technology is changing. Through technical sessions and non-technical, artistic, and interactive happenings, Waza celebrates what it means to embrace art, technique and the creative process of software development.

Held in early 2012, the inaugural Waza featured moments that included large-format photography, architectural origami, hacking, discussions, musical performances, and technical sessions on a range of topics. Building upon the successes and lessons learned from Waza 2012, the next Waza will be equally unconventional, more ambitious, and even more focused on technical developer content.

Call For Speakers

At the core of this year's developer gathering is exceptional content. We have opened a Call For Speakers for Waza 2013 through November 30th. We are looking for interesting stories, innovative projects, emerging philosophies, and technical craftsmanship. We're hunting for topics ranging from technical deep-dives about cutting-edge application architectures and stellar & advanced uses of the Heroku platform, to non-technical topics such as the philosophy of application design or building modern company culture. If you have something to share in the realm of art and technique that could fit well at Waza, send some information to waza@heroku.com and start the conversation.

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