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Last month’s featured app was FlightCaster. FlightCaster provides flight delay prediction, letting you know 6 hours in advance if your flight is delayed. Today we’ve posted their success story, along with a great video with their CEO, Jason Freedman.

Jason goes into some great details on how they use Heroku to handle their complex application, including using a Hadoop cluster to process millions of updates. In his words, “Heroku has enabled us to deliver a world class service without having the huge management and operational overhead we would have otherwise needed.”

Watch the video below, or click on through to the whole success story. For more technical details,...

This month’s featured app is Best Buy IdeaX, developed by Bust Out Solutions. Best Buy IdeaX is a forum for Best Buy customers to share, rate, and discuss ideas to help make Best Buy better.

“We were very interested in running IdeaX on a cloud computing infrastructure such as Amazon EC2, but the cost of maintaining our own EC2 instances was just too high, not to mention frustrating. Heroku solves those problems for us with their solid platform infrastructure and nice user interface. We’re saving time and money, and enjoying development much more.” said Jeff Linn, Founder/CEO of Bust Out Solutions

Check out the Success Story and the live Best Buy IdeaX site.

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