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Today we're announcing two new features that will help you better manage and run apps on Heroku: Threshold Alerting and Hobby dyno metrics. Threshold Alerting provides the ability to set notification thresholds for key performance and health indicators of your app. We’ve also extended basic Application Metrics to Hobby dynos to provide basic health monitoring and application guidance. Together these features allow you to stay focused on building functionality by letting the platform handle your app monitoring.

Threshold Alerting

There are many ways to measure the health of an application. The new alerting feature focuses on what is most important to the end users of your app:...

Heroku Metrics

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For almost two years now, the Heroku Dashboard has provided a metrics page to display information about memory usage and CPU load for all of the dynos running an application. Additionally, we've been providing aggregate error metrics, as well as metrics from the Heroku router about incoming requests: average and P95 response time, counts by status, etc.

Almost all of this information is being slurped out of an application's log stream via the Log Runtime Metrics labs feature. For applications that don't have this flag enabled, which is most applications on the platform, the relevant logs are still generated, but bypass Logplex, and are instead sent directly to our metrics...

At Heroku, we’re focused on delivering thoughtfully designed systems to improve developer productivity and experience. We firmly believe that improving the development and operations experience helps developers to build and run better apps. This improvement allows developers to focus more on functionality, and businesses to focus more on the value of their applications.

Today we are pleased to announce two new features, both in public beta, that support this mission: a new Heroku Dashboard and Heroku Metrics. These new systems bring developers powerful new clarity and simplicity around application management, execution, and optimization.

New Heroku Dashboard: Managing applications,...

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