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Some say that the only constant in life is change. That may be true, but often what’s more important than the change itself is how we react. We all go through life trying to manage change (albeit with varying degrees of success), so we can better cope with it, learn from it, and adapt. Like individuals, organizations can learn the same “life skill,” so that change is not only less disruptive, but it also becomes a measure of organizational health that can lead to success.

Sometimes, it takes a pandemic

Times of sudden change, like during the COVID-19 crisis, are especially tough on everyone. Most companies are scrambling to figure out their “new normal;” employees and teams are...

Meditation, like the foundations of software, is built on top of a binary state: an inhale and an exhale, a breath in and a breath out, a one and a zero. We often believe that to engage in meditation, we need to place ourselves in a room of absolute silence, to dress in comfortable linens, and to be utterly still and alone. But this image could not be further from the truth! To meditate is to foster mindfulness, and presence is an activity that can be performed anywhere, and with others—even at work.

Learning how to be mindful amongst others

The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute—or SIYLI—is a globally recognized nonprofit that works towards making the development of leadership...

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