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StatusPage Add-On in Public Beta

Sharing your app’s status is critical for communicating and building trust with your users - whether it’s down for maintenance, experiencing problems with service providers, suffering from interruptions or performance problems, or up and running perfectly. Here at Heroku, we accomplish this with Heroku Status. But today, we’re introducing our first add-on that makes it easy to communicate app status with users of your app - StatusPage, now in public beta.

StatusPage lets you build your own branded status page so you can share status information and public metrics about your app while also providing highly-available downtime communication. Enable the Heroku integration by setting a few environment variables in your app that will extend the error and maintenance pages Heroku serves automatically in the event your app encounters system-level errors or enters maintenance mode.

StatusPage lets you present three major categories of status information in a branded experience. First, communicate the overall status of your platform, such as “All Systems Operational”, as well as the status of individual components and services:


Then, communicate public metrics about your service, such as API uptime, error rate, or user activity. This communicates important data to existing users while also building trust with prospects. Metric data can be pulled from Librato, New Relic, TempoDB, Pingdom, and Datadog. Users of the New Relic, Librato, or TempoDB Heroku add-ons can integrate immediately - just paste a few API keys and you’re ready to go.


Finally, display a running log of incidents for historical visibility.


For notifications during critical incidents, events and outages, customers can subscribe via email, RSS, SMS, or webhooks, ensuring they’re informed when it matters most.

Just run heroku addons:add statuspage to get the add-on. It's in public beta, which means it is available for use to any Heroku user, but some changes may be made before it goes into GA. While in public beta, StatusPage is free to get started with. Find out more about using it in our Dev Center.

Want to try more add-ons? The Heroku Add-Ons Marketplace makes it easy to add technologies you love to your Heroku app. We have add-ons for logging, caching, persistence and many other categories, all available as fully-managed services that you can add and scale in a single command.

Originally published: August 14, 2013

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