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Announcing the Sydney, Australia Region for Heroku Private Spaces

Today we’re happy to announce that the Sydney, Australia region is now generally available for use with Heroku Private Spaces. Sydney joins Virginia, Oregon, Frankfurt, and Tokyo as regions where Private Spaces can be created by any Heroku Enterprise user. Developers can now deploy Heroku apps closer to customers in the Asia-Pacific area to reduce latency and take advantage of the advanced network & trust controls of Spaces to ensure sensitive data stays protected.


To create a Private Space in Sydney, select the Spaces tab in Heroku Dashboard in Heroku Enterprise, then click the “New Space” button and choose “Sydney, Australia” from the the Space Region dropdown.

After a Private Space in Sydney is created, Heroku apps can be created inside it as normal. Heroku Postgres, Redis, and Kafka are also available in Sydney as are a variety of third-party Add-ons.

Better Latency for Asia-Pacific

Prior to this release, a Heroku Enterprise developer, from anywhere in the world, could create apps in Spaces in Virginia, Oregon, Tokyo, or Frankfurt, and have them be available to any user in the world. The difference with this release is that apps (and Heroku data services) can be created and hosted in the Sydney region. This will bring far faster access for developers and users of Heroku apps across the Asia-Pacific area. Time-To-First-Byte for a user in Australia accessing an app deployed in a Private Space in the Sydney region is approximately four times better than for that same user accessing an app deployed in a Private Space in Tokyo (approx 0.1s vs 0.4s).

Extending the Vision of Heroku Private Spaces

A Private Space, available as part of Heroku Enterprise, is a network isolated group of apps and data services with a dedicated runtime environment, provisioned to Heroku in a geographic region you specify. With Spaces you can build modern apps with the powerful Heroku developer experience and get enterprise-grade secure network topologies. This enables your Heroku applications to securely connect to on-premise systems on your corporate network and other cloud services, including Salesforce.

With the GA of the Sydney Region, we now bring those isolation, security, and network benefits to Heroku apps and data services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Learn More

All Heroku Enterprise customers can immediately begin to create Private Spaces in Sydney and deploy apps there. We’re excited by the possibilities Private Spaces opens up for developers in Australia and Asia-Pacific more broadly - if you want more information, or are an existing Heroku customer and have questions on using and configuring Spaces, please contact us.

Originally published: January 30, 2017

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