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Postgres 9.3 Beta Available

With each new release, Postgres brings new powerful functionality to your fingertips – Postgres 9.3 is shaping up to be no different. Postgres 9.3 will include richer JSON operators for the JSON datatype, SQL-standard LATERAL subquery support, materialized views, and of course much more. Postgres 9.3 Beta was made available earlier this week and we’re excited to announce a public alpha of it ourselves.

You can get started immediately with the alpha today by provisioning a Postgres 9.3 database on our production tier:

$ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:crane --version=9.3
Use `heroku pg:wait` to track status.
! WARNING: Postgres 9.3 is in alpha. alpha releases have
!          a higher risk of data loss and downtime.
!          Use with caution..
Use `heroku addons:docs heroku-postgresql:crane` to view documentation.

Our support of Postgres 9.3 Beta is alpha and comes with several conditions:

  • The 9.3 beta version will be supported for 7 days after new beta or GA releases for PostgreSQL 9.3 occur. At which point existing databases will be deprovisioned or migrated to the newest release. At this time all Postgres 9.3 databases are running the GA release of PostgreSQL 9.3.
  • Heroku Postgres uptimes are expected uptime guidelines and not a guarantee or SLA for uptime of your production database. As with many alpha or beta features the expected uptime is lower for Postgres 9.3 beta.
  • Forks, followers, and other functionality may see a higher level of issues during the alpha and may cease to work entirely due to changes that could occur between 9.3 beta and GA.

We're very excited to make PostgreSQL 9.3 available to you today, nevertheless we urge caution when using it as this is a very early beta PostgreSQL release. Once you do provision your 9.3 beta database, we want to hear from you at postgres@heroku.com. Let us know how you’re taking advantage of new features, and especially if you encounter any bugs.

Originally published: May 15, 2013

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