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Announcing Larger Heroku Postgres Plans: More Power, More Storage


As applications become more complex, so do the data requirements to support them. At Heroku we have been working hard on enabling these workloads, while maintaining the same level of abstraction, developer experience, and compliance you’ve come to expect.

Today, we’re excited to announce new, larger Heroku Postgres Plans. These new plans will allow for applications on the Heroku Platform to expand in data size and complexity. The new plans in the Heroku Postgres offering have generous resource allocations, providing the horsepower to power today’s most demanding workloads. These plans come with 768 GB of RAM, 96 Cores and up to 4TB of storage, and are available on the Common Runtime, Private Spaces, and Heroku Shield, starting at $5800 per month.

New Larger Plans

These new larger plans introduce larger database sizes with more generous resource allocations, further expanding our existing plan line up to help your applications and data scale more smoothly.

This new level 9 plan is available for Production-ready Postgres with our Standard tier, critical applications with our Premium tier, as well as with our Private Spaces-compatible Private and Shield tiers.

Plan levels * RAM Provisioned I/O
per second
Disk size
0 4 GB 200 68 GB
2 8 GB 200 256 GB
3 15 GB 1000 512 GB
4 30 GB 2000 768 GB
5 61 GB 4000 1 TB
6 122 GB 6000 1.5 TB
7 244 GB 9000 2 TB
8 488 GB 12000 3 TB
9 768 GB 16000 4 TB
* Applies to Standard, Premium, Private, Shield tiers

You can learn more about the technical specifications of each plan - and what would best suit your needs - on our list of Heroku Postgres plans and our Dev Center article on choosing the right Heroku Postgres plan.

More Power, More Storage

Talking to customers, we have heard a need to access very large and complex datasets in Postgres. Whether it is enabling data visibility across many Salesforce orgs, using Postgres as an operational data store, or powering analytically-focused workloads for large-scale querying, the new Postgres plans will allow applications on Heroku to easily scale further.

Getting Started

If you have an existing Heroku Postgres database that is on a level 6,7, or 8 plan, there are a few simple options to upgrade to a level 9 plan; please see our Changing the Plan or Infrastructure of a Heroku Postgres Database Dev Center article for how to do this.

If you are provisioning a new database with a level 9 plan, it’s as simple as

$ heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:standard-9

Starting today, these plans are available directly from the Elements Marketplace.

Originally published: January 21, 2021

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