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How Copado Uses Coralogix for Log Management on Heroku

Ryan Basayne of Coralogix sits down with Morgan Shultz of Copado to discuss his experience leveraging Coralogix on the Heroku Platform.

Copado is an end-to-end, native DevOps solution that unites Admins, Architects and Developers on one platform. DevOps is a team sport, and uniting all 3 allows you to focus on what you need to focus on - getting innovation into the hands of the customer.

Q: Who are you and what does Copado do?

“My name is Morgan Shultz. I'm a team lead in the Professional Services division at Copado. My team is responsible for implementing our software and maximizing the value that a customer receives when they decide to invest in our software.

Copado is DevOps software specifically for low-code platforms like Salesforce, but also Mulesoft, Heroku and soon even SAP. We bring structure and visibility to the development process on these platforms.”

Q: Can you tell us a little about your experience on Heroku, and why you chose it as your PaaS Solution?

“Our application consists of two parts. The front end is a Salesforce native app. Our customers all use Salesforce, so it makes sense for our app to be built on top of a platform that they're already familiar with.

But our software also integrates with external tools and requires more processing time and controls than what you can get out of Salesforce alone. So our backend processes need a separate compute platform and we run those backend processes on Heroku for the majority of our customers.”

Q: Can you describe your experience with Coralogix and why it was picked for your log management platform?

“We needed additional tools to help us parse our backend logs. Our developers initially selected Coralogix because it was super easy for them to integrate with Heroku. Now, years later, we're still using Coralogix because it continues to deliver what we need.

Our company has grown exponentially, and we rely on Coralogix to handle our logs. We can create and share dashboards and visualizations across the organization and build alerts to help us troubleshoot customer issues or even optimize our software performance.

We use data points like job duration to highlight customer health or keyword frequency in our logs to help identify configuration errors. We also use metrics to maximize our data retention and identify longer running patterns.”

Q: Are there any specific use cases you can share with us?

“My first use case with Coralogix was hoping to identify performance issues with our customers' software instances. We used the platform to define and build alerts around job latency and how long it takes for jobs to complete.

This is a big indicator of performance issues with the customer. Once the team identifies potential performance issues. We can use the dashboards to dive down further into the logs and provide a root cause analysis for performance issues at hand.”

About Coralogix

Coralogix is the leading stateful streaming data platform for log, metric, and security data. Using proprietary Streama© technology, Coralogix provides modern engineering teams with real-time insights and trend analysis with no reliance on storage or indexing.

This unique approach to monitoring and observability enables organizations to overcome the challenges of exponential data growth in large-scale systems.

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Originally published: January 12, 2022

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