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Heroku User Research Program: A Catalyst for Collaboration and Growth

At Heroku, we’re on a mission to continuously improve our products and services to provide the best possible customer experience. Feedback is at the heart of our innovation, and we’re excited to highlight the Heroku User Research Program. Through this initiative, our customers provide feedback, test new features, and share their insights directly with our product teams.

Your Participation Matters

Since we introduced this program in April 2023, we’ve made significant strides to enhance our product offerings and engage more effectively with you. Here’s a glimpse of the impact we’ve achieved together in just six months:

  • 60+ in-depth interviews with unique customers
  • Three large-scale UX studies
  • A series of workshops and feedback sessions at TrailblazerDX and Dreamforce
  • Direct impact and influence on our public roadmap based on your feedback

Outcomes of Customer Collaboration

This program enhanced how we include your feedback in both product development and planning. Your feedback led to platform improvements such as:

Your feedback also helped prioritize possible future work, such as:

While there's no guarantee that we'll complete open roadmap items, continuous customer feedback helps us prioritize the most impactful work.

Join Our User Research Program Today

Signing up is easy! Simply fill out the form, and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming research opportunities. Your voice makes a difference, which is why we invite all current, former, and prospective customers to sign up and participate.

We’re committed to creating a more collaborative relationship with our customers, where your insights and experiences drive our innovations. Your participation in the Heroku User Research Program is a crucial step toward this shared goal.

In conclusion, the Heroku User Research Program is a catalyst for collaboration and growth. We continue to achieve remarkable outcomes thanks to your valuable insights and contributions. Don't miss the opportunity to interact with us by visiting our public roadmap, submitting your ideas, or commenting on others' suggestions. We look forward to working with you to create products that not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Heroku community. Let’s shape the future of Heroku together!

Originally published: October 12, 2023

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